Source BMX Reviews

Source BMX is an independent BMX store with the largest collection of BMX bikes, parts, and accessories in the UK. Coming from the owners’ passion, this company was established by Rich and Marc Moore in 2003.

Source BMX Reviews
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Additionally, this rider-owned store strives to back to the BMX scene by supporting riders. Backed with knowledgeable customer service who read to assist you in getting the best of your needs. Moreover, find the bike check from the experts in its blog for more insights before purchase.

Besides, this company is well-known for promoting the sport through video and events from the world-renowned Battle of Hastings event at Source Park. Consequently, it’s highly known in the BMX industry, with over 134K followers on Instagram and 113K on Facebook.

But is the crowd only about the event or whether its collection is truly genuine for riders to try? Thus, let’s break down all inch about his company in our Source BMX review!

Why Source BMX Bikes?

Source BMX is the best one-stop store for genuine BMX bikes and parts. This store covers a comprehensive range of products with an authenticity guarantee. Furthermore, its quality has been proven to be a Queens Award for Enterprise winner.

This company also allow you to build customised BMX bikes with quality frames and parts from remarkable brands. Their expert will make your dream bike come to life. Aside from that, its even Source BMX Battle of Hastings 2023 enhanced its value in the biking industry.

Offering multiple savings and perks, it’s the best option for those budget-conscious customers. Not to mention the excellent customer service with a knowledgeable team, free shipping, 90 days return policy and manufacturer’s warranty.

What's On Source BMX UK

We know how hard it’s to find quality parts for your BMX bikes. Source BMX is a great retail store for shopping all renowned brands in one place. It covers products like bikes, parts and accessories. You can also build your own customised bike with its bike builder service.

With its expansive collection, its website covers brands like Subrosa, S&M, Total Frames, Stay Strong, Mankind, GT and many more. From frames to shoes and clothing, it has everything for your biking needs.

SourceBMX Product Collections

Bikes Youth bikes, beginner, intermediate, pro level, race and other BMX bikes
Frames BSD, Cult, Federal, Fiend, Fit, Fly, KNK and other frame brands
Wheels Front, rear instant custom front, instant custom rear and other BMX wheels
Parts Steering, drivetrain, braking, grinding, seating and others
Race BMX race bikes, frames, wheels, parts, gear and many more
Softgoods Shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, shirts, shorts, backpacks and many more
Safety Helmets, gloves, pads, locks, lights, tools, goggles, pads, tops and many more

Now you already see how expansive their collections are. Still questioning what you can find in the store and the quality? Let’s explore more in the SourceBMX reviews below!

Source BMX Sunday BMX Reviews

Sunday BMX Bikes

As we’ve emphasised, Source BMX has a selection of bikes from remarkable brands. One of the best options is from the expansive assortment of Sunday BMX Bikes.

Source BMX Sunday BMX Reviews
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It covers a wide range of bikes, from beginner to professional race bikes, with XS to XL size ranges. Moreover, the wheel size ranges from 16″-29″ and 10″-22″+ top tube sizes. It’s the best stop to find a bike for a whole family member.

Surprisingly, the company has various colours available, from stunning pink to swag black. We impress with its selection, where we chose the best bikes with good martial and construction. Here’s some of best selling Sunday bikes collection.

Best-Selling Sunday BMX Bike

Overall, this website is the best place to find Sunday Bikes at the best price with great offers. So, are you ready to explore using quality BMX bikes? Check out its collection in the £319.99-£1,399.99!

Source BMX Odyssey BMX Reviews

Source BMX Parts

Odyssey is not a new brand in the BMX bikes industry. This brand is well known for its quality bikes part at affordable prices. Some of its forks collection even has been proven as the most robust forks in the market.

Source BMX Odyssey BMX Reviews
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The Source BMX Parts covers a wide range of Odyssey BMX parts collections with high performance. In the collection, you can discover a great range of accessories for nearly all BMX bike types and sizes.

It has two kinds of disciplines, freestyle and race, with various colour options. Besides, several product types include BMX brake cables, chains, brake spares, forks, grips, gyros, rims, sprockets and more.

Best-Selling Odyssey Parts

You can even find the best-selling forks in the BMX industry on the website, like Odyssey R25 Forks and Odyssey R32 Forks. So, scour its Odyssey collection and find the best BMX parts in the £2.49-£269.99 range!

Source BMX WeThePeople BMX Reviews

WeThePeople BMX Bikes and Parts

WeThePeople BMX is a well-known brand for making advanced and engineered BMX bikes, frames and components for over two decades. Source BMX is the best place for those looking for WeThePeople parts at the best price available worldwide.

Source BMX WeThePeople BMX Reviews
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Similar to other collections, it has freestyle and race discipline collections. Furthermore, the shopping site has a wide range of products type like BMX bar ends, cranks, forks, frames, headsets, tyres, seats, etc.

This brand has excellent frame products from 25 years of dedication and manufacturing experience. That being said, its frame is highly durable and high-performance with cutting-edge technology.

Best-Selling WeThePeople BMX Parts

Currently, there are 38 products available that are well-chosen with the best quality. At the price of £1.49 to £349.99, it’s a highly reasonable price. FYI, this WeThePeople part has a discount of up to 50%!

Source BMX Custom Bike Builder Reviews

Custom Bike Builder

Have your idea to construct a BMX bike? The Source BMX Builder will help your custom BMX bike comes true! In this customised bike builder, you can choose whether the complete build mode or not.

Source BMX Custom Bike Builder Reviews
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This mode will be perfect for those who like to make a complete build of a bike. But if you want to colourise the placeholder parts to resemble your BMX bike, you can abstain from this mode. Besides, it allows you to add genuine parts and see how your current bikes look.

In addition, you can customise the frame, steering, seating, drive train, front wheel, rear wheel, braking, grinding and many more. In the customisation, find various bike parts brands and construct them as one.

So combine it from several brands like Sureshot, Hartbreaker, Freedom, Sunday, BSD Jonesin, Demolition and many more. Lastly, the price varies depending on the customisation, including every part and frame chosen. So, let’s start building your dream BMX bike!

Source BMX Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Have you set your budget to ride your dream BMX bikes? The Source BMX will be a great stop to save some dollars in purchasing a bike. All products range from £1.19 to £1,399.99.

Collections Price Range
Bikes £159.99 to £1,399.99
Frames £129.99 to £599.99
Wheels £31.99 to £1,174.99
Parts £1.29 to £379.99
Race £1.19 to £1,174.99
Softgoods £2.50 to £144.99
Safety £7.99 to £549.99

For more savings, this brand has great perks currently available. Check out the list below:

  • Get free gifts on all orders
  • Find up to 46% off on the Summer BMX sale
  • Enjoy free shipping on every order over £99.99
  • Save an extra 20% off using the EXTRA20 discount code
  • Discover products currently on discount up to 50% off on the Sale page
  • Join the newsletter to get a 20% off coupon code and future perks notifications

SourceBMX Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

With its big name in the BMX industry in more than 2 decades, it has billions of purchases. Besides, thousands of customer has left a trace of their purchase. Check the rating and review data below:

SourceBMX Reviews
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  • 4.8/5 average rating from 10,823 reviews total in Trustpilot
  • 4.3/5 average rating from 1,745 testimonials on Facebook

The fact it has thousands of customers’ feedback it’s highly impressive, with an average rating above 4-star. Now, let’s dig deeper into the customer’s experience in the following Source BMX reviews:

It’s effortless to use. I love ordering stuff. I will be back for sure. This grip exceeded my expectations. They are better than my mtb grips. Much more comfortable to use.

Similar to the previous review, another customer also stated:

I have never been disappointed with Source. The website is simple and easy to use from viewing to checkout. I also liked the gift/discount applied at checkout. Significant shopping updates too.

Aside from the highly positive reviews, we chose one feedback that seems to be most of the customers’ concerns. Here it’s:

The customer service was excellent. But the delivery time was not communicated and took longer than suggested.

Nearly all the customers were satisfied with the product quality and impressive customer service. Besides, they love how it gives gifts and discounts. On the other hand, the complaint is only about the late shipping and assembly instruction.

Is Source BMX Worth Buying?

With all of the transparency and quality, there’s no way we don’t say Source BMX is worth it. Its product quality and performance are top-notch, chosen from the best brands.

The bike builder will also make it easy to make a bike based on your preference. On top of that, all the discounts and free gifts will keep your satisfaction high and the price low.

Source BMX Pros And Cons

Well, some of you may like to jump to the point. So rather than scouring around, check the pros and cons below to know the vital points of this store.


  • Best choice of BMX brands
  • Expansive collections of bikes, parts and accessories
  • Well-made and durable
  • The highest quality the BMX bikes
  • Customisable bikes using quality parts 
  • Myriad perks and gift
  • Free shipping
  • 90 days return policy
  • Backed with manufacturer’s warranty
  • Thousands of positive testimonials


  • The delivery can take longer than expected
  • Lack of assembly instructions.

Source BMX Returns

Online shopping is always prone to dissatisfaction whether damage of the wrong item. Fortunately, Source BMX offers 90 days return policy for refund or exchange. This return applies to unsold items in original packaging accompanied with valid receipt proof.

However, this return is inapplicable for custom build items like customised wheels and bikes. Then, you can contact customer service to claim the return. After the returned item arrives at the warehouse, it usually takes 5 days to be processed for a refund.

Source BMX Customer Service

How To Contact

If you have any questions about this brand, contact their customer service team. Here’s the contact information:

Location Address

SourceBMX, Maunsell Road
St Leonards-on-Sea
TN38 9NN, UK

Where To Buy Source BMX

Source BMX bikes are available internationally and domestically from its official website at There you can find its authentic collection, from bicycles to the parts!


Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information, we’ve listed the FAQs related to the Source BMX review that people also asked for. Check the questions below.

Where is Source BMX located?

The Source BMX is located under the Seafront of Hastings.

Who founded Source BMX?

This bike cycle brand is founded by two brothers, Rich and Marc Moore.

Is Source BMX legit?

Source BMX is totally legit with its massive popularity in the industry. Further, it has real quality with genuine customer reviews in UK and USA and impactful events in the BMX bike industry.

Is Source BMX safe?

Its products are covered with a 90-day money-back guarantee and manufacturer warranty, ensuring no harm to purchasing from the store. Besides, it boasts a safe website with HTTPS and a payment process.


All things considered, our Source BMX concludes it’s the most legit and safe website to find quality BMX parts and bikes. The company brings the product’s highest quality and performance as the priority.

Grabbing quality bike parts and accessories is also much easier and cheaper with this one-stop store. Thus take the first step to ride your ideal BMX bike by visiting Source BMX!

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