Blix Bike Review

What is the Blix Bike?

Blix Bike is a bicycle company founded in Santa Cruz, CA, in 2014. Blix Bike itself is a bicycle brand that has experienced fast growth. This bike was created to reduce pollution in the city. It is also to inspire people to live healthily and enjoyably.

Blix Bike Review
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This bike has several designs according to needs. There are foldable bicycles; there are also bicycles that can be ridden by two people. The size of the bike itself can adjust for the height of the rider.

If you want to know more about this bike, you can visit its social media. Has 17+k followers on Instagram, 1+k followers on YouTube, and 15+k followers on Facebook.

We will let you know all about the brand through this Blix Bike Review. Starting from the type of product, price, product advantages, and everything about this product. This is proof of whether this brand is indeed worthy of you.

Why Blix Bike?

Since Blix Bike teaches us to live healthy lives by loving nature, by riding a bicycle, we can reduce the air pollution that exists in the world. If many people start using bicycles to travel, there will also be more clean air that we can breathe. This bike has also been designed to keep up with the times.

You can fill your vacation time by cycling while enjoying the scenery you pass by. This bike is really comfortable and specially designed. Even it also gives you a test ride before you buy the bike.

Not only that, if you are confused about what bike model is suitable for you, the company will help you choose a bicycle model by reading the buyer guides that have been provided.

Blix Bike Highlights

  • Free shipping
  • Great customer support
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Test ride program

What's On Blix Bike

Blix Bike provides two batteries type. If you are tired of pedaling, you can press the button to turn on the power, and the bike will run without paddling.

You can also use the Blix app via Bluetooth to find out the health of your bike. Not only that, but Blix can also track battery health, social relationships, route navigation, switching between class 2 and 3 e-bikes, and software updates.

The bike also comes with dual USB ports, an extra 150 lbs, fenders, lights, and LED lights. This bike is very comfortable to ride. Blix Bike has several types of bikes for different terrains.

Blix Bike Ebike

Blix Bike Accessories

Blix Bike Front Basket Rack Review

The Front Basket Rack is made from aluminum and bamboo, so it will not rust easily. This front basket itself has a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs. For its size, this shelf has a length of 16cm, a width of 9 cm, and a height of 5cm.

Blix Bike Front Basket Rack Review
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What’s more, one thing that catches our eye is how it’s super easy to install and comes with several color options, such as red, blue, green, black, and gray.

By adding a rack to your bike will help you in carrying things. This rack is also slim in size and will fit your bike perfectly. With $89 only, you will get this excellent front basket rack to use.

Blix Bike Aveny Skyline Review

Aveny Skyline is one of the best-selling products on Blix Bike. This Aveny Skyline has a practical style and an environmentally friendly design. This bicycle can be ridden by two people and is perfectly designed with a serial number, and the material used is aluminum.

Blix Bike Aveny Skyline Review
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Mounting points for additional accessories have also been provided to make it easier for you to install the accessories you want.

The front frame of the bike is made low so that riders of all heights can easily jump off the bike. It is equipped with a 48-volt high-capacity battery located under the seat. On a single 5-hour charge with 614 Wh, it can cover distances of up to 45 miles.

If you are tired of pedaling your bike, you just need to use the throttle to ride without pedaling. The bike can also be used to climb steep hills while carrying a maximum load of 270 pls. And for safety, this bike has been designed with guaranteed safety.


  • A powerful hub motor
  • The highest-quality tires are puncture-proof.
  • Safe and reliable brakes
  • Integrated front and rear brake lights
  • Digital display
  • Extended warranty
  • Available in-house assembly

You can get this bike for a sale price of $1699, down from the previous price of $1999. And if you buy two bikes at once, you can get a $200 discount with a coupon code: RIDETOGETHER.

Blix Bike Battery Replacement Review

Sometimes your e-bike’s battery needs to replace with a new one; that’s why Blix Bike provides you with a range of battery replacements to purchase.

Blix Bike Battery Replacement Review
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The battery replacement is available in several types, including ED6 Kompas Battery, ED6 Ultra/Utility Single or Dual Battery, DP-5C Battery 14ah Compatibility, ED6 Double Battery Kit, and IB-U/IB-U Plus Battery Mount Upper.

All you have to do is make sure that you buy the correct battery replacement for your e-bike model. Oh, it also has cases and other parts that are available in this package.

Blix Bike Pricing

Blix Bike bikes with environmentally friendly quality can be purchased for prices ranging from $1599 to $2099. Blix Bike itself has six types of bicycle models with different advantages.

You can buy it at several dealers, or you can visit the official Blix Bike store directly because there is a big discount for you if you buy two bikes at once. You will get $200 off by using the discount code: RIDETOGETHER!

Blix Bike Pros & Cons

The Blix Bike is widely loved by the community because of its modern and comfortable design. But there are also advantages and disadvantages that you need to know.

Blix Bike Pro

  • A bicycle design that follows the style of the times
  • Foldable
  • The presence of two batteries makes it easier to drive
  • Can be driven on steep and uphill terrain
  • High-end bike painting
  • Long battery life 

Blix Bike Cons

  • For its small size, it may make riders who have a high height feel less comfortable
  • The Blick Packa Jin bike has a fairly heavyweight
  • The display monitor is not removable
  • Metal fenders can be noisy if they experience interference

Is Blix Bike Worth It?

Yes, the Blix Bike is well worth it to buy. If you buy just one bike, you can reduce a little pollution in the world. Not only that, but this bike will also be very beneficial for your health, especially your legs.

This bike has passed the safety test. And this bike has also been designed with modern style and advanced technology to keep up with the times.

Blix Bike Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Read what customers think about the product you will buy matter. That’s why we show you some customer reviews that we got from its official site, which means all of them are from verified buyer.

Blix Bike Customer Reviews
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The first review is for The Aveny Skyline ebike which has 4.9/5 ratings from 370 reviews. It says:

Happy with my Avent Skyline Blix bike! Getting out on the road, fresh air, more exercise, comfortable ride, hearing birds, noticing nature. Great to carry home groceries in the functional saddlebags, use motor to get further, power up hills while getting in better shape, after 65. Delivering better health and more fun – Thanks!

This customer is happy with this ebike that allows her to get a better experience while cycling with it.

Another one says:

Having a comfortable e-bike to get around town is so much fun. It’s perfect formy commute to and from my grandchilds house where I am a caregiver. The bike makes it fun see and feel how lovely every day is. Love my e-bike by Blix because it makes a senior feel so young.

It shows how comfortable the ebike is and is perfect for seniors.

Overall, the Blix Bike receives positive feedback from its customers for its quality and features. Do you wanna join them?

Blix Bike Customer Service

Contacting the brand’s customer service is easy as pie since you can reach them through one of these ways:

The call center is available on business days, which is on Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PT. Don’t worry, the brand claims that they will answer all types of questions regarding the products.

Blix Bike Warranty

All bikes from Blix Bike have comprehensive warranty coverage for one year after the bike’s registration date. It is necessary to bring the original proof of purchase if you want to return the bike due to a defect from the manufacturer.

Where To Buy Blix Bike

You can buy this bike at a dealership, or you can also buy it directly on the official web store


The following are some frequently asked questions about Blix Bike that might answer your curiosity.

Who is the owner of Blix bikes?

The owner is Pontus Malmberg. He grew up in Sweden, where the majority of the population rode bicycles for daily transportation.

Where are Blix bikes made?

These bikes are made in Asia; all bicycle parts are manufactured in Asia.

How fast does the Blix bike go?

It can reach speeds of up to 20mph with motor or electric power.


From the above reviews, we can conclude that Blix bikes are highly recommended for daily transportation. The bike has the required structure. The bike part is also assembled according to the rider; it is to make the rider feel comfortable while riding.

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