Pedal Commander Reviews

Pedal Commander was started in 2011 with a product manufacturing process in Turkey. It’s an incorporated subsidiary of Vitalen Auto Performance with massive success in the EU. Then, in 2015, it spread its wings with relocation to the US.

Pedal Commander Reviews
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Headquartered in Southern California, the brand grew bigger with the limelight on the best-selling Throttle Response Controller. Furthermore, kickstarted from a passion for automotive, it made an enormous step from sponsoring athletes to attending and hosting events.

Its product also has been sold internationally in six continents and is still expanding. The existence also takes over the enthusiast on social media, with 47.9K followers on Instagram and 35K on Facebook.

Sounds good, right? But, to make a smart purchasing decision, you should consider every aspect. Including the strengths and flaws. So, are you ready to know every inch of it in our Pedal Commander review? Let’s dive right in!

Why Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller?

Being the expertise in the quality Pedal Commander, it’s truly the best alternative to upgrade the performance. The program offers a more convenient driving experience to save you from throttle lag.

It also supports many vehicles with CE, TUV, FCC, CARB, and other certifications. With this quality, it can ensure a reliable, fun, and safe driving experience. Not to mention, the product has all the features that enhance the performance.

Pedal Commander Benefits

  • Eliminate the throttle lag
  • Improve the fuel economy
  • A myriad of presets for better performance
  • Enhance the acceleration
  • Support a wide range of vehicle
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Bluetooth enabled with the app

In addition, backed with excellent customer support, the brand will guarantee customer satisfaction. So, every purchase will be covered with a 30-day return policy and a 2-year warranty.

What's On Pedal Commander

As you know, the latest and high-priced vehicles mostly come with the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). But it isn’t the same case as the oldest model car that uses the old-school throttle cable for acceleration.

Pedal Commander manufactures a one-size-fits-all throttle response controller for a better driving experience. It can fully control your gas pedal sensitivity with 36 preset levels encompassing Eco, City Sport, Sport+, and more.

The throttle response controller’s main expertise is eliminating the car’s acceleration delays. The easy plug-and-play installation ensures a seamless assembly. Plus, leverage the Bluetooth and app for iOS and Android to control it from your phone.

Additionally, its products suit various car models, from Chevy Silverado to Mercedes. We truly love how it provides next-level usage for your car. Aside from this product, this brand also has a collection. Here’s the list:

Product Collections

Mentioned above are the current collections on the website. But are you sure it’s worth to purchase its products? Let’s dig deeper into it in the Pedal Commander review below!

Pedal Commander Tacoma Reviews

PC38 Bluetooth for Toyota Tacoma

The Pedal Commander for Tacoma has become one of the best-selling items on its website. The most suitable throttle response controller model is the PC38, which perfectly fits the Toyota Tacoma.

Pedal Commander Tacoma Reviews
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In addition, the PC38 is suitable for various trim levels. It includes SR, SR5, TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport, Limited, and TRD Pro. The installation is also super easy with 4 button controls. You’ll feel the pedal is better and faster response.

Basically, the reason why people are looking for the PC38 for Toyota Tacoma is due to the gold standard of the car. It’s well-known for its outstanding performance, low fuel consumption, and spacious interior.

To upgrade your car, the PC38 will save Tacoma’s engine from any damage while doing the upgrade. Furthermore, the tuning will increase the acceleration smoothness. What a significant upgrade for your Toyota Tacoma 7th Gen at only $299.99. Upgrade your car now!

Pedal Commander 4Runner Review

PC27 for Toyota 4Runner

Want to enhance your Toyota 4Runner performance? The Pedal Commander for Toyota 4Runner will work best for your car using the PC27. Indeed, this Toyota’s mid-sized SUV is very huge in the market.

Pedal Commander 4Runner Review
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The PC27 is designed to work flawlessly on 4Runner’s sub-models like SR5 Premium, TRD Off-Road, Premium, Nightshade, Venture, and more. So it absolutely will do the job finely on your car.

Installing this PC27 throttle response controller will make the car more powerful. The increasing overall driving satisfaction delivers smooth driving. Plus, use the eco mode to lower the carbon impact. It’s a great way to save more.

You’ll also like the simple plug-and-play installation for a setup in snaps. Aside from this, you can also use the same model with Tacoma, which is the PC38. So feel the difference when stepping on the gas with this 4Runner’s Throttle Response Controller at $299.99!

Pedal Commander Tundra Review

PC55, PC27, or PC38 for Toyota Tundra

A lot of people choose the Toyota Tundra due to the truck design that is engineered for adventure. It’ll perfectly fit your need to ride on the off-road. But some of you may consider upgrading its performance for unstoppable off-roading.

Pedal Commander Tundra Review
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The Pedal Commander for Toyota Tundra is designed to help your car respond quickly. Tundra has flexible compatibility where it can use the PC27, PC 38, or PC55 models.

In addition, it’s also suitable for various sub-models such as Platinum, Nightshade, Trail, 1794 Edition, SR, TRD Pro, Capstone, and more. Simply install it to your Tundra and enjoy maximum power and capability for miles.

The rigid design style with an upgraded performance will enhance its usage as a powerful pickup truck. Thus, get the right Pedal Commander based on the Toyota Tundra engine and body at only $299.99!

Pedal Commander RAM 1500 Reviews

PC78 or PC31 for RAM 1500

RAM 1500 is an immaculate vehicle with a stylish exterior and resourceful interior. It also takes it further with suitable performance measures for the smoothest and best drive experience.

Pedal Commander RAM 1500 Reviews
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The Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller for RAM 1500 is the best product for exceptional acceleration. The vehicle’s dynamism and classy features will enhanced for maximum efficiency and performance.

There are two options for a throttle response controller: the PC78 or PC31. It also fits various sub-models like Big Horn, Express, HFE, Limited, Lone Star, Laramie, Laramie Limited, Laramie Longhorn, Outdoorsman, and more.

Additionally, it’ll work by reducing the throttle response time for better acceleration. Complete customization also can help to maintain the engine’s health and quality. So, select your RAM 1500 body and engine now for the best acceleration at $299.99!

Pedal Commander Dodge Charger Review

PC31 For Dodge Charger

Looking for better acceleration for your Dodge Charger? This Pedal Commander for Dodge Charger is an excellent choice for improving car performance. The Dodge Charger is indeed a great car that can last up to 250,000-300,000 miles with proper maintenance and care.

Pedal Commander Dodge Charger Review
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Furthermore, the engines are potent to provide a comfortable ride. Using the PC31 for Dodge Charger, you can upgrade the car’s performance without damaging the engine.

The small and lightweight design makes it easy to store in your car. Plus, the app allows you to control it with your smartphone. Thus, enjoy a smoother ride using this PC31 throttle response controller at $299.99!

Pedal Commander Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Initially, the Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller cost $329.99. But it’s usually on sale, so the price is $299.99. For the lifestyle products collection in the price range of $0.99 to $77.50.

FYI, this brand has several ways to help you get the lowest price. So, we’ve hunted down all the savings for the most satisfying purchase. Check the perks compilation below:

  • Check the product collection since most items are discounted
  • Special discount for military, law enforcement officers, first responders, firefighters, and government employees
  • Sign up to the email list for a $15 discount code and future perks notification.

Pedal Commander Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

It’s not new that this brand has become the leading brand in the industry. It allows them to have thousands of Pedal Commander reviews from customers. For example, the brand obtained 13,736 reviews on the website, with a 4.9/5 average rating.

Pedal Commander Customer Reviews

Meanwhile, on other platforms, it has a 4.4/5 rating based on 492 reviews total on Facebook. Check the rating and review data in the list below:

  • PC31 Bluetooth obtained a 4.9/5 rating based on 1,032 reviews
  • PC27 Bluetooth received a 4.9/5 average rating based on 274 reviews 
  • Pedal Commander PC65 got a 4.9/5 average rating based on 348 reviews

Having almost perfect customer ratings shows the quality of the product and service. Now, let’s uncover the brand opinion after trying the product. Below is one of the PC Chevy Silverado reviews:

The installation is easy, the throttle response is robust, and the acceleration is smooth and pleasant. The engine of my 2018 Chevy Silverado 6.2L V8 now runs like a real truck. I am glad I bought this.

We’ve dug deeper into the customer reviews to ensure an unbiased opinion about the brand. We found a complaint among Jeep JK reviews stating:

The pedal commander works! I immediately noticed a huge difference in throttle response. Sadly, one of the four clips on the mount that holds the unit was bent. Therefore, the unit is not properly seated on the mount, and there’s a slight wobble.

Like the testimonials above, many customers stated about easy installation and good acceleration. In contrast, the customer’s problems are only about still being unable to see the mileage difference or issues like mounting.

Is Pedal Commander Worth It?

The short answer is yes. The Pedal Commander is worth it regarding performance, pricing, and quality. Using it can improve the driving experience by enhancing the vehicle’s acceleration.

Is Pedal Commander Worth It?
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The acceleration becomes much smoother and more responsive, allowing you to customize it depending on the traffic. Plus, it features a compact design, easy installation, Bluetooth connectivity, a convenient app, and more.

Pedal Commander Pros And Cons

Reading our long review may be very hassle to grasp the points. So, we’ve summarized the pros and cons to decide wisely!


  • Compact design
  • Simple installation
  • Robust presets and customization
  • Faster throttle response
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Can save the fuel
  • 30 days return policy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Tremendous positive reviews


  • Some preset spend more fuel than the company’s setting.

Pedal Commander Customer Service

How To Contact

Your question is unlisted on the FAQ page. No worry. The dedicated team will gladly answer your question during the business hours of Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM PST, via:

Company Address

Vitalen Auto Performance, Inc.
4690 Calle Quetzal Camarillo
CA 93012

Where To Buy Pedal Commander

The Pedal Commander products are easy to find on several online shopping sites. However, the best place to find authentic with a risk-free purchase is from its official store at


Frequently Asked Questions

Many people ask certain questions when browsing about the Pedal Commander review. So, we provide some FAQs related to this brand for additional information before purchasing.

Do Pedal Commanders really work?

Yes, it’s really work. It can significantly improve the driving experience by enhancing the throttle response.

What is the purpose of a Pedal Commander?

It’s purposed to control the vehicle’s throttle mapping and gas pedal response time. Then, the engine will respond faster for a speedy acceleration.


A smoother driving experience is the happiest moment for every driver. But, no matter how good your driving is, the vehicle parts will determine the result. Our Pedal Commander review has shown you our ninja way to be the expert on the road.

The throttle response controller is truly a great alternative to make your ride flawless. The enhanced acceleration will cut the lag delays. Plus, the customization will take your driving to the next level. So, be ready to raise your car performance with Pedal Commander!

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