AoonuAuto Review

AoonuAuto is a remarkable online shop in the automotive field. The brand offers customized car LED lights & accessories for vehicle owners and car enthusiasts.

AoonuAuto Review
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Founded in November 2017 by Jason Huang, this brand is also known as a company named Guangzhou Zhiniu Technology Development Co. Ltd. In recent years, this brand has continued to develop and manufacture car accessories products with the highest quality.

To meet each customer’s car demands, the brand provides various car accessories such as LED car lights, interior LED lights, LED floor mats, LED door thresholds, car logo projectors, LED underbody lights, and many more.

Modifying cars has always been a fun hobby. We know that. Therefore, the brand also equips its customers with a car enthusiast Facebook group to obtain myriad information and tips about cars and automotive.

Over the 5 years of its establishment, the brand has had numerous fans that grow daily. You can see through the brand’s social media accounts that the brand has 10K followers on Facebook and 5K+ followers on Instagram, which continue to grow daily.

How great is the quality of this brand’s products to be so popular? This AoonuAuto review will further discuss the brand’s profile, product list, pricing, and pros & cons, all in detail to let you know how remarkable this brand is!

Why Shop At AoonuAuto?

There is no reason for customers not to shop for car accessories products on this brand. Known as one of the leading custom car parts brands, you can get car accessories with the newest technology features from this brand.

Why Shop At AoonuAuto?
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To ensure that its customers shop with complete satisfaction, the brand is constantly experimenting to meet the growing customer demand for car accessories with the latest designs and modern technology.

As a specialist in manufacturing car accessories, this brand applies the highest quality control standards to its products. The brand constantly explores the most updated technologies, materials, and innovations to ensure that your car has the highest quality accessories.

AoonuAuto understands that the demand for car accessories is growing every day. Good news for you, as the brand ships its products globally to ensure that car modification enthusiasts get car accessories of outstanding quality.

On the other hand, the brand also provides its customers with a 12-month warranty and excellent after-sales service to ensure that you shop well with the brand!

What's On AoonuAuto

As an online automotive store specializing in cool car accessories, here you can get a variety of cool car accessories for your car.

What's On AoonuAuto
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The brand categorizes its products into 4 sections: Lighting Accessories, Vehicle Accessories, LED Headlights Bulbs, and Car Accessories List.

Likewise, the categories have sub-subcategories: a wide selection of custom LED car lights, car interior accessories, door sills & projectors, floor mats, and other fabulous accessories for cars to stay stylish and safe on the road.

You may ask, are accessories for your car available? Chill, because this brand provides accessories for more than 70 car brands, ranging from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Lamborghini, Marcedes-Benz, Porche, Suzuki, Tesla, and many more.

AoonuAuto makes it easy for you to shop for this brand. Here, you can search for products by year, manufacturer, or model. You can also sort products by price, position, or rating for display.

You can customize what you want to display with the lamp after choosing your favorite LED color by purchasing the LED car lamp on AoonuAuto. Whether it’s your favorite football club’s logo, your car’s logo, or your initials, anything is possible for your own LED lights.

By adding a few touches, such as LED Floor Mats or LED Aromatherapy Diffuser, it will bring a different atmosphere to your car, make it feel new, and create a pleasant driving experience!

AoonuAuto Review: Product’s Category

  • Lighting Accessories
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Led Headlight Bulbs
  • Car Accessories List

Then what about the quality of the product? Wait for a second because this AoonuAuto review will discuss the brand’s best-selling products in the next section. So bear with us because you’re about to get started!

AoonuAuto Fiber Optic Multicolor LED Accent Light Kit Review

If you are bored with the monotonous look of your car’s interior, it’s time to give it a little touch with the Fiber Optic Multicolor LED Accent Light Kit!

AoonuAuto Fiber Optic Multicolor LED Accent Light Kit Review
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The Multicolor LED Accent Light Kit is a car LED light with high-light transmission. It features light guide strips and aging resistance, making it feature excellent color reproduction.

This LED light comes with 8 different monochrome modes. Likewise, you can change a wide selection of colors from red, green, ice blue, white, yellow, purple, pink, multi-color band mode, flashing mode, and others.

As the name implies, these light strips have different colors to bring out different ‘ambiance’ and can be freely adjusted according to your mood.

Even better, these LED lights also feature flexibility, anti-collision, and anti-corrosion, all of which are high quality. You can even trim and decorate them yourself as you wish. So with a touch of these LED lights, you can enjoy a car interior that is beautiful, romantic, calming, or whatever you want to feel.

In one package of these LED lights, you will get 1 power connector, controller, auxiliary tool, a signal receiver, light guide, and 4 light source heads.

Getting this Fiber Optic Multicolor LED Accent Light Kit is relatively inexpensive. You can bring it home for only $60.00!

AoonuAuto Phone Holder Review

Place your phone on your car dashboard comfortably with the AoonuAuto Phone Holder!

AoonuAuto Phone Holder Review
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No need to worry about falling since this phone holder comes with silicone material on both sides (grip arm and bottom) to enhance the anti-slip effect, preventing it from falling.

In addition, when you want to view maps online or take calls, this phone holder makes it easy for you. It features a 360° pivot ball joint, allowing you to rotate your phone easily.

This phone holder also has an innovative 2-in-1 design, so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery while driving. You can use the corresponding magnetic plug (USB Type-c, Lightning, USB Micro B).

Furthermore, this AoonuAuto Phone Holder is also equipped with an intelligent infrared sensor. Therefore, when the phone charging stand is connected to 5-9V DC, it will check itself once and turn on the blue indicator.

Last but not least, you can also customize the logo on this phone holder. So anything goes if you want to use your name, initials, favorite football club logo, and many more.

Using this car phone holder, you can now put your phone in a fancy and modern way. You can get this AoonuAuto Phone Holder at $89.00.

AoonuAuto LED Door Sill Review

If you want to add light to your car modifications, AoonuAuto fulfills your needs by providing LED Door Sill.

AoonuAuto LED Door Sill Review
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This is a high-quality LED illuminated door sill with a customized logo design. By using AoonuAuto’s LED Door Sill, you can customize the logo according to your preference.

Moreover, this LED Door Sill is made with premium acrylic material. It can light up, last longer, and protect the original door sill plate.

The LED Door Sill protects the car’s door sill from scratches or dirt and provides driver safety visibility. To get this amazing LED Door Sill, you only need to spend $69.99!

AoonuAuto Door Sill Installation

Since this brand provides car’s LED lights for different car brands, you will need an installation guide according to your car brand. No need to worry because the brand provides installation guide videos that you can follow!

You can access the installation guide videos on the brand’s YouTube account under the channel name AoonuAuto.

How Much AoonuAuto Cost?

AoonuAuto Price

Finally, this AoonuAuto review comes to the section you’ve been waiting for, the price. Although known as a brand that presents accessories with the latest technology, the price offered is still affordable for customers. To shop at this brand, you can prepare a budget between $7.99 to $89.99.

AoonuAuto Car Club

Apart from providing car accessories, this brand also provides a platform for those who want to share car spare parts with other car modification enthusiasts. Therefore, the brand offers a group for many car lovers who want to share tips & tricks and other things.

AoonuAuto Car Club
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Apart from that, the brand also irregularly releases exclusive coupons and promotions as rewards for club members. So if you are interested in joining, visit this page to get started!

AoonuAuto Pros & Cons

Considering sufficiently before buying a product is a wise act of shopping. That way, you will shop with a great sense of satisfaction. This AoonuAuto review discusses the pros & cons of the brand to help you consider it wisely.

AoonuAuto Pros

  • More than 20 cool car accessories categories
  • Can do a custom
  • Ships its products locally and globally
  • Free standard shipping for any order
  • A 12-month warranty
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • A platform available for the car enthusiast
  • Affordable price
  • More than 70 car brands

AoonuAuto Cons

  • There are no negative comments about the brand

Is AoonuAuto Worth To Buy?

As the world of car accessories and automotive kits grows rapidly, considering whether this brand is worth it is a must. We have a lot to say about this product, but overall, AoonuAuto is worth it.

Is AoonuAuto Worth To Buy?
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At AoonuAuto, you can get car accessories with the latest technology and high-quality goods that are second to none.

Operating for more than 5 years, this brand has proven its existence and is favored by more than 10k car enthusiasts. Moreover, with its excellent service, you can also customize the accessories you order.

This AoonuAuto review believes that you will get satisfaction feelings by investing your pennies in this brand!

AoonuAuto Customer Review

One way to consider whether the product you buy is worth it is to look at other customers’ reviews. To give you transparent data, this AoonuAuto review goes through customer reviews on the brand’s best-selling products on its official website.

AoonuAuto Customer Review
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First, we look at the Fiber Optic Multicolor LED Accent Light Kit. This product has a review rating of 4.9/5 stars from overall customer reviews. In addition, one satisfied customer of this LED kit thought it had good quality and an affordable price. This customer wrote:

I bought this LED lamp to introduce my daughter with a sensory toy. So far, it has worked out great, and she enjoys seeing the lights. It is cost very well compared to similar things like this kit.

Secondly, the LED Door Sill has a 4.6/5 stars rating reviews from all customer reviews. One of the customers who were pleased with this product said that it makes his/her car look more stylish. The happy customer said:

Highly satisfied with the Acura custom door sills. They just look and work totally Awesome!!! Very classy looking and stylish. Totally 5 stars!!!!

Then, other product reviews are listed on each product before you buy it. As far as we can tell, there are very few negative reviews of the products or brand services, although we did find a few.

All in all, we highly recommend AoonuAuto products to car accessories enthusiasts, as this brand features the best quality and affordable prices.

AoonuAuto Customer Service

How to Contact AoonuAuto

Aoonuauto makes it easy for customers to reach out to the brand with questions or needs. If you have questions regarding products, orders, and more, you can reach them at:

As a piece of additional information, the customer care team is available on Monday – Saturday (9 AM-6 PM), and they close on Sunday.

Moreover, it would be nice if you also followed the brand’s social media to get the latest information regarding products, promotions, discounts, and so forth. The brand is available on:

  • Instagram: aoonuauto
  • Facebook: AoonuAuto
  • Twitter: @AoonuAuto

Unit 402, No. 4
Weiye Building Hetai Road
Baiyun District Guangzhou, 510000 CN

AoonuAuto Shipping Policy

AoonuAuto ships its products locally and globally. The brand usually takes 3-5 business days for processing and shipping and 7-10 business days in peak seasons.

International shipping requires different time estimates, depending on where you live and your chosen shipping method. The brand applies 3 shipping methods for international shipping, namely: Standard Shipping, DHL Express, and FedEx Shipping.

The company gives free standard shipping for any order worth $19.00. However, you need to pay a $3.99 Standard Shipping Fee for orders under $19.00.

After you make the payment, you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing the tracking number. You can visit the Tracking Service website within 48 hours of delivery at 4PX/USPS/YunExpress/DHL/FedEx.

AoonuAuto Return Policy

Sometimes, items are delivered with damaged or missing parts for reasons other than the company’s fault. Thus, to make you have a pleasant shopping experience with this brand, the company provides you with a 12-month warranty and excellent after-sales service.

If you receive damaged and wrong items, please contact the company within 15 days after the order is shipped.

For items with a 12-month warranty, you can contact the company quickly to get a solution. Please send the product in its original packaging, unused and not deformed. The brand’s customer service may ask you to send pictures or videos showing the product problem and the original packaging to confirm the situation.

To be able to apply for a product return, you must first contact the company via email at or via the “Contact Customer Service” page on the company’s website. The company’s customer service will reply to you shortly.

Note that the company’s return policy is valid for 60 days. If it is more than 60 days after your purchase, the company cannot provide you with a refund or exchange.

Where To Buy AoonuAuto?

It is good to shop for the brand’s products through the official website for detailed product categories, transparent shipping cost information, and ease of making warranty claims.

However, this AoonuAuto review did not find that the brand sells its products on other marketplaces. So, we recommend you shop through the official website as they have differentiated the products by category, making it easier for consumers to search for products.


Undoubtedly, an LED light can create a different atmosphere in your car, making your ride more enjoyable. AoonuAuto is the right brand for you to shop LED lighting for any car brand. We highly recommend this shop to any car accessories enthusiast due to its extensive product collection, competitive quality, and affordable prices!

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