About FENRIR Motorcycle

FENRIR Motorcycle is a brand that provides you with various motorcycle modification supplies, with a wide selection and the finest quality.

About FENRIR Motorcycle
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The brand has an experienced expert staff who are ready to assist you in choosing the right motorcycle modification supplies to suit your needs.

Founded in 2009 by three motorcycle fanatics, the brand came with an admiration for craftsmanship and love from the heart and hoped to bring something better to the motorcycle fields.

Today, FENRIR Motorcycle is based in America and has expanded its marketing globally. Moreover, the brand has 4 distribution centres spread across the United States, Germany, China, and Japan.

This FENRIR Motorcycle review will further give you an in-depth look at the brand, best-selling products, customer reviews, and more. So, shall we begin?

Why FENRIR Motorcycle?

Not only does FENRIR Motorcycle provide you with the highest quality modified motorcycle parts, but all of the brand’s products are created with love and passion for the motorcycle world.

Why FENRIR Motorcycle?
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At FENRIR Motorcycle, all motorcycle spare parts products are supported by the latest CAD technology, 3D printing kits, and a well-equipped testing laboratory. The brand innovates, analyzes, tests, and develops unique products that customers love.

In addition, the brand designs simulation products with advanced modern integrated software. Before the product enters the market, the brand will first submit it to the laboratory for physical testing and then test the product. Hence, the brand will conduct accurate car tests for function and quality under actual conditions.

The production process is entrusted to partners who guarantee advanced technology and high-quality standards. The production chain is linked to the best ISO 9001-certified quality standards. Even better, the brand has various valid ECE Certificates.

Although you may be unfamiliar with some of the brand’s spare parts, you don’t have to worry, as the brand has an experienced expert staff ready to assist you in searching, selecting, and determining the product that suits your needs.

Even though you are located outside the US, the brand makes it easy to get your hands on its products since the brand is expanding its marketing internationally. Also, its 30-day return guarantee makes the brand proofing an excellent and genuine service.

You might be wondering what makes this brand so amazing. This FENRIR Motorcycle review will further discuss what the brand provides for motorcycle modification enthusiasts. Find out by scrolling to the next section!

What's On FENRIR Motorcycle?

Whatever you need to customize your motorcycle, this brand has it all. All products are made with the highest quality, detailed, certified and guaranteed.

What's On FENRIR Motorcycle?
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The brand classifies its products into two categories; motorcycle covers and motorcycle mirrors. Both motorcycle covers and motorcycle mirrors are available for almost all motorcycle brands.

When you visit the brand’s official website page, you will find the category names of motorcycles. Therefore, you can sort according to your motorcycle brand.

What you get at FENRIR Motorcycle

  • Senior designer operation
  • Manufactured using top CNC machining centers
  • All products are made of high-end aluminum alloy.
  • Increased strength will not fade.
  • Installation test checks all details.

FENRIR Motorcycle Review best-selling products:

  • FENRIR Motorcycle Mirror Hole Plug 304
  • FENRIR CNC Cafe Racer Handlebar Mirror

Let’s scroll to the next section for more in-depth specifications and reviews of the best-selling products!

FENRIR Motorcycle Mirror Hole Plug 304 Review

If you are looking for a plug to modify your mirrors that are also useful, this Mirror Hole Plug 304 can be your reference. It is a motorcycle mirror plug made of stainless steel, which is solid and durable.

FENRIR Motorcycle Mirror Hole Plug 304 Review
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This mirror plug is a great choice to seal your mirror hole and protect the mirror hole threads from water and dust. It will protect your mirror hole threads from water and dust after you remove the stock mirror or use a rod end mirror.

The size is universal, suitable for motorcycles with mirror hole threads M10XP1.25 clockwise. Moreover, the installation of this mirror plug is very easy. You can install it with other simple tools or by hand. 

This mirror hole plug is perfect for modifying your motorcycle rearview mirror, making it functional and beautiful. Also, the design is simple and can make your motorcycle outstanding.

To get this Mirror Hole Plug 304, you only need to spend $12.00.

FENRIR CNC Cafe Racer Handlebar Mirror Review

Equip your motorcycle with this FENRIR CNC Cafe Racer Handlebar Mirror. This bar end mirror is designed to lock directly onto the end of your handlebars.

FENRIR CNC Cafe Racer Handlebar Mirror Review
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This handlebar mirror is compatible with cafe racers, sports bikes, cruisers, and scooters. Likewise, this rearview mirror stands out due to its blue lens that reduces headlight glare when riding at night.

Aside from that, this rearview mirror has an extra length that gives you an extra-wide viewing angle. The mirror housing is constructed from machined aluminum alloy with a black coating. As a result, these mirrors provide a very strong finish, even if you put a helmet on them.

The mounting hardware is 22 mm or 7/8 inches. All the necessary installation hardware is included. In addition, you must be careful when tightening the three screws, even if the length of the screws exceeds two threads. It is the only way to keep the rearview mirror from moving while driving.

You can get this FENRIR CNC Cafe Racer Handlebar Mirror at $60.00.

FENRIR Motorcycle Pros & Cons

This FENRIR Motorcycle review would only be complete if discussing the good side of the brand. Thus, in this section, we discuss the pros & cons of the brand in the following points:

FENRIR Motorcycle Pros

  • Worldwide fast shipping
  • Top quality
  • Secure shopping
  • 30-day returns
  • Experience staff
  • Support team 24/7

FENRIR Motorcycle Cons

  • Some people comment the mirror won’t stay in place sometimes if it doesn’t install properly

Is FENRIR Motorcycle Worth It?

Before deciding to buy a product, you would ask if the brand and the product are worth it. This FENRIR Motorcycle review confidently says that FENRIR Motorcycle is worth it.

Is FENRIR Motorcycle Worth It?
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An outstanding brand service, experienced expert staff, international shipping, the best ISO 9001-certified, and the best quality product offers to make this brand remarkable.

Furthermore, the positive customer reviews make us believe that FENRIR Motorcycle is worth investing in.

FENRIR Motorcycle Customer Reviews

Considering customer feedback is very important to know the real insights about the brand’s product you are about to buy.

FENRIR Motorcycle Customer Reviews
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This FENRIR Motorcycle review compiles customer reviews through the official website and lists them here to help you consider the product.

First, FENRIR Motorcycle Mirror Hole Plug 304 gets 5/5 star reviews. Some customers admired this product because it was easy to install and worked as per the product description. One customer said:

Completely consistent with the description, goes perfectly in place of the retro.

Next, the FENRIR CNC Cafe Racer Handlebar Mirror also got a 5/5 star review. One customer who was satisfied with this product said:

Stand firm, hat can be hung. Could not bad set up, even in the city comfortable ride.

Based on these reviews, this FENRIR Motorcycle review can conclude that the brand’s products are easy to install and work as described.

Also, we did not find any bad reviews about this brand on the official website or Amazon. So, all in all, this FENRIR Motorcycle review agrees that this brand provides you with excellent quality products.

FENRIR Motorcycle Customer Service

The brand would love to stay in touch with you and ensure you get the best service possible. If you have any questions or needs that are not listed in this FENRIR Motorcycle review, you can contact the company at:

It would be nice to connect with the brand on social media. Hence, you can follow the brand on Facebook with the name Fenrir Motorcycle Parts.

You can also become a member of the FENRIR Motorcycle Brotherhood on Facebook by visiting this page.

FENRIR Motorcycle Shipping Policy

FENRIR Motorcycle proudly informs you that the brand ships its products globally. The brand has exported its products to the United States, Europe, Japan, and other countries.

You no need to worry about the estimated arrival time, as the brand has 4 distribution centres in the United States, Germany, China, and Japan.

Most products will be shipped within 1-3 business days. But if you choose an expedited shipping method, please be aware that this will not reduce the waiting time before the order ships.

The Standard Shipping Estimates for International Shipments:

  • United States: 4-10 business days
  • Europe: 10-15 business days
  • Japan: 5-10 business days
  • Other countries: 10 -25 business days

For overseas shipments, the recipient is responsible for any import duties, taxes, or brokerage fees due at the delivery time.

FENRIR Motorcycle Return Policy

FENRIR operates a 30-days return policy. That means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To qualify for a return, the item you are returning must be in the same condition you received. Your return item must be unworn, still labelled, and in its original packaging. You will also need a receipt or proof of purchase.

To initiate a return, you may contact the company at support@fenrir-moto.com. Items returned to the company must first request a return request to be accepted.

Upon receiving and inspecting your return, the company will inform you whether or not the refund is approved. Your funds will be refunded automatically to your original payment method if approved.

Where To Buy FENRIR Motorcycle?

For the quick sort products category and detailed product description, you can shop the FENRIR products through the official website.

Also, if you are more convenient to shop through a marketplace, FENRIR products are also available on Amazon.


Getting the right product with the best quality is the main thing you should consider before modifying your motorcycle. FENRIR Motorcycle is the best stop for those who love to modify motorcycles.

The brand provides you with a wide range of motorcycle modification stuff with outstanding quality and reasonable prices. So, this brand has it all for whatever modification style you want!

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