Review is an online retail platform that professionally provides the best products, prices, and customer service in the automotive aftermarket industry. Review
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Together with customers, the brand continues to be dedicated to providing high-quality automotive parts for excellent driving enjoyment.

Starting with the motto “Enjoy Quality, Enjoy Life,” the brand has developed numerous well-known brands for automotive parts enthusiasts.

Some of the well-known brands you’ll meet in this shop include; Sealight and Tourchbeam in automotive lighting, KAX in automotive parts, Shockflo in automotive electronics, and KYX in automotive accessories.

Founded in 2021, the brand is located in the United States and ships its products within the US.

They also have third-party logistics transfer warehouses in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, Kentucky, Houston, and Atlanta.

Due to the brand’s recent establishment, they have several followers that are still growing. On its Facebook account, this brand has 1K+ active followers and a number of followers on Instagram.

Does this brand provide quality products? What makes it so outstanding? How about the price? Chill. Because this review will go deeper, starting from the brand profile, the pros & cons of the brand, prices, and many more.

To begin your journey, glide to the next section!

Why Shop at has been committed to providing the best automotive parts shopping experience through quality product selections and genuine service.

Why Shop at
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The brand has partnered with the top suppliers in the automotive aftermarket industry to provide an unrivaled selection of quality automotive parts, tools, and items.

To serve customers with quality parts at affordable prices, the brand has cut all brick-and-mortar supply chain costs with factory-direct self-branding and distribution.

As one of the professional automotive retail platforms, the brand has a wide selection of products for its customers.

Until now, the brand serve numerous types of automotive parts, including LED light bulbs, performance parts, car accessories (interior and exterior), automotive electronics, and so on.

The brand is dedicated to providing the best automotive products in the industry. Evidently, the brand implements an excellent QC system on all its products. is proud to have a quality department that will double-check all products to the highest standards before they hit the market.

Although prioritizing quality, the brand also wants customers to be able to shop happily with the brand. Thus, the brand provides affordable prices on its products so that customers can get the best quality car parts at the lowest possible price.

On the other hand, is perpetrated to give customers the best shopping experience with customer care’s professional service and 24-hour robot service.

They also have built 2 logistics transfer centers in the east and west of the United States to ensure fast delivery and satisfied customers.

From the description above, it can be seen that this brand has an impressive list of products and excellent services for its customers. It seems perfect, we know. But that’s not enough to describe the entire brand in depth. Thus, you can check out the next section to know the quality of the brand’s products!

What's On Parts?

At, you can shop for a range of automotive parts with the best quality and affordable prices. The brand has collaborated with some of the top automotive parts brands in the market.

What's On Parts?
Image credit: Review: Product’s Category

  • Automotive Lighting
  • Exterior and Interior
  • Auto Parts
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Motorcycle Accessories

Within a category, you will find several sub-categories. There, you can shop by entering some information that you know about the product to ensure you get the right product. These include; year, make, model, submodel, and engine.

This review will then discuss the overall quality of the product. Scroll through the next section to find out more! Brand Provided

As the largest online retail platform in automotive parts, the brand only collaborated with the best and most reputable brands.

In the Automotive Lighting category, the brand works with Sealight, Marsauto, Torchbeam, ZonCar, KAC, KAX, Laxmas, and MARSFLUX. Here, you can purchase car lightings such as LED headlights, custom headlights, and others.

For the Exterior and Interior category, the brand collaborates with Marsauto, ZonCar, KYX, and ViWiK. This catalog includes running boards, 2DROP side steps, and many more.

Then, of course, in the Auto Parts category, the brand teamed up with ZonCar, KAC, PHILTOP, KAX, and KYX. It is the most extensive catalog, so you can find whatever auto parts you need.

Next, there is the Tools and Equipment category. In this category, the brand cooperates with Sealight and ShockFlo brands. This is the perfect catalog for EV Charging, Accessory Lighting, and more.

Lastly, you will find one famous brand in the Motorcycle Accessories category, KAX. Here, you can get the best quality helmets with tons of great reviews! Pricing

Well, now that you know the list of products that the brand provides, you might ask, what about the price? We understand that one of the concerns of customers is the high price.

This review dives into the brand’s products to find out the price range of the products. To shop at this brand, you only need to budget between $4.99 and $25.99. Moreover, you can also get coupon codes, coupons, and deals by subscribing to the brand’s newsletter! My Vehicles Tools wants to make customers truly feel the best shopping experience. Thus, the brand provides convenience in accessing a free DIY Vehicle Repair guide.

Here, you can track your vehicle’s service history and receive alerts, including recall notice service reminders.

All you have to do is visit the My Vehicles page on the brand’s official website, and fill in some information related to your vehicle, such as; Year, Make, Model, Submodel, and Engine. Pros & Cons

To have a pleasant shopping experience, comparing the pros & cons of the brands and products is a must. That’s what this section is for. Here are the pros & cons of the entire brand: Pros

  • Extensive product selection
  • Partnered with automotive parts brands 
  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping for USA orders
  • Fast shipping
  • 90-days easy returns
  • Guaranteed fit
  • Perfect QC systems
  • Excellent customer service Cons

  • Not support international/global shipping

Is Worth It?

After knowing the product specifications, brand’s service, and product price, of course, you begin to consider whether this brand is worth investing in.

Is Worth It?
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As one of the most well-known automotive retailers, SuncentAuto strives to provide quality products and services. This is proven by the fact that most of its products are getting good reviews from customers.

In addition, we found that some customers have a sense of comfort shopping with this brand, given the many positive testimonials we found online. All in all, this review believes that SuncentAuto is worth it.

Is Legit?

As far as automotive online retail platforms go, is a legitimate brand to support. The brand provides the best service to its customers as a professional automotive retail platform.

As a brand that has been around for 2 years, the brand has several warehouses in the US. Likewise, they transparently mention the address where the warehouse is located with various company contact information that is easily found online. Hence, this review agrees that SuncentAuto is a legitimate brand. Tracking Orders makes it easy for customers to track orders. The brand provides Track My Orders on its official website so customers can estimate the arrival of their orders. To access this, scroll down to the official website and select Track Order. Customer Service

How to Contact

If you have any questions or requirements that are not covered in this SuncentAuto review, you can reach the company at:

The customer service team is available during support hours: Mon-Fri: 9 am – 5 pm EST. However, they closed on Saturday & Sunday. Shipping Policy

The company processes most orders within 1-5 business days from the date of your order confirmation. Note that business days for the delivery period only refer to Monday through Friday.

For small and medium-sized orders are usually shipped within 3-7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from when the package leaves the warehouse. 

The company uses Trucks for large parts and items or orders that require special handling due to their shape, weight, and packaging. It includes hoods, fenders, bumpers, etc.

Orders with large sizes are processed for shipment within 24-48 hours from the date of your order confirmation. Moreover, the delivery may take up to 10-14 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) for the contiguous United States.  

Furthermore, the brand provides free shipping for orders within the United States with certain terms & conditions. Returns Policy

Known as a brand that provides excellent service, this brand makes returns and other services as easy as possible for customers.

The brand accepts authorized returns within 90 calendar days from when the buyer receives the product. All authorized returns must be unused and in the original condition & package. Customers must keep returned items from being disassembled, installed, or modified.

Please check your entire package thoroughly after you receive your order. If you receive missing, damaged, or incorrect parts, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s customer service team via the contact list so that the company can help you process the return for a replacement or refund.

The company is not responsible for missing, damaged, or incorrect parts after 90 calendar days for all products. Moreover, there are some exceptional products that customers can’t return to the company. They include service manuals, special-order products, custom-made products, painted parts, and parts that have been modified.

Once the returned parts are inspected and processed, refunds are usually processed and credited within 24-72 business hours.


When shopping for automotive parts, look no further than SuncentAuto. Yes, this brand has been well known as an online retail platform in the automotive aftermarket industry that provides parts with the best price and quality, and satisfactory service.

We highly recommend this brand, as you can shop the most comprehensive automotive parts collection at affordable prices and with lots of discounts to save you money.

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