Magicycle Review

If you hear about Magicycle, you might be familiar with Ebike, Jaguarundi, Cruiser, and other terms. That’s right, Magicycle is an electric bike brand that brings you China’s best manufacturing technology.

Magicycle Review
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The brand was founded in 2020 in Chongqing, China, by Wade Wei, a Mechanical Design & Manufacturing specialist.

In creating Magicycle, Wade got inspiration from his father, who has arthritis problems. He then aspired to help those with health problems like his father to enjoy cycling with ease.

Founded with 11 years of experience in bicycle production and R&D centers in Europe and China, the brand constantly innovates to bring China’s best manufacturing technology to electric bikes worldwide.

Being known for its top-notch quality and reliable service, the brand has been praised by the public for how popular the brand is on social media, with over 10K followers on Instagram and almost 20K followers on Facebook.

If you’re wondering how this brand goes for you, you should keep reading this Magicycle review because we’ll unravel everything you need to read! So, let’s get started!

Why Shop at Magicycle?

With so many electric bike brands, you might wonder why you should go for this brand. We’ll break it down for you below.

Why Shop at Magicycle?
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First, the brand has the best manufacturing machinery in the industry and has expertise in the latest technology to make the top-notch electric bikes on the market.

Second, the manufacturer makes the brand’s electric bikes with hydroforming production, a method used in the automotive industry to produce more robust and defined aluminum end products.

Third, the company implements strict quality control to produce high-quality, safe, and reliable e-bikes. Each bike has gone through certification tests before being packaged.

The brand also chooses the packaging carefully, with just the right thickness, to ensure the best protection for your bike.

With 11 years of experience in E-bikes, the brand now has more than 55 patents for design and innovation.

Furthermore, dedicated, reliable, and friendly customer service works well in prioritizing the best customer service for customers.

However, will this brand’s e-bike be suitable for you? Now, before we go any further with this Magicycle review, ensure to read what the company offers in the next section!

What's On Magicycle Ebike

The brand presents its best collection of electric bikes; Cruiser, Cruiser Pro, Ocelot Pro, Ocelot, Jaguarundi, and Commuter.

What's On Magicycle Ebike
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Here, you can get the newest e-bike with China’s best manufacturing technology, high quality, customer service, and competitive prices.

Magicycle 3 Best-Selling Products

  • Magicycle Cruiser Pro
  • Magicycle Ocelot Pro
  • Magicycle 52V Cruiser

If you wonder about the specs and description, we’ve prepared reviews about 3 top-selling products in the next section below. So don’t miss out and keep reading!

Magicycle Cruiser Pro Review

Introducing an affordable electric bike with a larger-than-average battery, the Cruiser Pro is the e-bike to conquer all terrains and steep hills!

Magicycle Cruiser Pro Review
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This Cruiser Pro comes with a 750W Motor with a peak power of 1000W. Its powerful motor allows the bike to run up to 25 km/h.

This electric bike has its main attraction in the 52V 20Ah Large Capacity LG Lithium Battery, which extends the bike range to 80 miles at low pedal assist levels and 60 miles using the throttle.

On the mechanical component side, you might be impressed by the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors. It does an excellent job of providing ample braking power.

Designed to survive on rocky terrains, the Cruiser Pro comes with 26″ Kenda fat tires that help keep the user balanced on rocks and bumps.

Moreover, this electric bike has finishing touches, like an included rear rack and an integrated light that shuts off the battery.

You can get this Cruiser Pro Electric Bike for around $2,199.00 at its original price, but if you place an order right now, it’s only $1,899.00.

10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Magicycle Ocelot Pro Review

Bringing you electric bikes for beginner riders, the Ocelot Pro is a superb electric bike with an impressive range!

Magicycle Ocelot Pro Review
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Ocelot Pro is an electric bike series that is eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and affordable.

Comes with a 750W/1000W high-power motor, this e-bike can deliver 96Nm of torque. It makes the bike perfect for individuals looking for a powerful bike to explore the countryside on weekends.

In addition, this bike is also supplied with a 12-magnet cadence sensor pedal to provide a responsive and smooth riding experience.

Although known as a leisure bike, it features a long-range 52V/20Ah lithium battery, giving the rider a range of more than 70 miles.

You don’t have to worry about braking, as the Ocelot Pro features hydraulic disc brakes, which eliminate friction and provide a solid and responsive braking force.

Going uphill? Easy for the Ocelot Pro. This bike has 7-speed Shimano gears so you can pedal more easily uphill.

Also, its transmission provides smooth gear shifting and helps the rider adjust speed quickly depending on the terrain.

At its original price, you can get the Ocelot Pro at $2,199.00. However, if you put it in the cart quickly, it can be grabbed at $1,989.00.

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10

Magicycle 52V Cruiser Review

The 52V Cruiser Electric Bike offers increased power for a smoother bike climbing sensation for effortless climbing!

Magicycle 52V Cruiser Review
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This Cruiser Electric Bike has a 750W high-powered motor that produces 86 Newtons of torque for more effortless tracking ability and provides a 30% more power boost for cruising some very steep hills.

With a large 52V 15Ah Li-ion battery, this e-bike can reach up to 55 miles range, taking you further to explore the world.

Equipped with a Shimano Turney gear shifter and 7 speeds, the electric power assistant will work start when pedaling and turn off automatically when you stop pedaling or when the brake is applied.

Whether you are pedaling on uphill terrains or steep roads, this electronic bike features Aries MD-M300 tektro mechanical disc brakes to provide sufficient stopping power.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about using this electric bike at night because it is equipped with a 6V LED headlight that can illuminate half of the mesh to improve night riding safety.

You can get this 52V Cruiser Electric Bike at $1,799.00 when the normal price. Currently, the brand will help you save $400, so you can get it at $1,399.00.

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Magicycle Price

After knowing the brand electric bike reviews, you must be questioning the price of the bike. But you don’t have to worry because this brand offers a price that is worth the features you get.

For an electric bike, the highest price is the 52V All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike x 2, which is $2,938.00, and the lowest price is the Magicycle Jaguarundi 52V Folding STEP-THRU Fat Tire Ebike, which is $1,199.00. And for the accessories, which you can obtain starting from $19.99.

If you still feel that the price is a little high, the brand provides many attractive discounts, rebates, sale items, and coupon codes.

To access these great deals, you can simply visit the brand’s official website. There, the brand has also created a ‘combo sale’ sub which makes it easy for shoppers to find out which products are currently on special discounts.

Magicycle Pros & Cons

Comparing the pros and cons of brands before buying is one of the basic steps a shopper should do. So, we have listed the pros & cons in a bullet list below, namely:

Magicycle Pros

  • Various types of electric bikes for different kinds of rides
  • Real Factory to consumer
  • 2-business day delivery from the US
  • 15-day return
  • 2-year warranty
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Many promos and discounts are available

Magicycle Cons

  • Only ships to US and Canada territories

Is Magicycle Worth To Buy?

With over 11 years of experience in the world of electric bikes, as well as being based on China’s best manufacturing technology, Magicycle is superior and worth buying.

Is Magicycle Worth To Buy?
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And also, thanks to the strict quality control implemented by the company, the brand has successfully delivered high-quality, safe, and reliable e-bikes.

Furthermore, with all the features of battery, brakes, suspension, and affordability that have been reviewed above, the price offered is worth the quality you get.

Magicycle Customer Reviews

Reading other customers’ reviews will help you shop wisely. Thus, this section will present customer reviews of the 3 best-selling products above. Now, let’s start with the review summary:

Magicycle Customer Reviews
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  • Cruiser Pro gains 4.9/5 stars from 59 reviews
  • Ocelot Pro receives 4.9/5 stars from 83 reviews
  • 52V Cruiser earns 4.9/5 stars out of 165 reviews

One customer stated that the Cruiser Pro brings real joy to ride. This happy customer said:

The Cruiser Pro is a real joy to ride. It is powerful, easy to handle, and the pace is very comfortable. The bike works great. So far, it has traveled about 150 miles and has no problems…

Furthermore, Ocelot Pro is favored by customers because it is definitely worth every penny. He/She states:

I am a first-time e-bike rider and this Ocelot Pro e-bike is cool. And the price is not pocket-busting…

One customer liked the 52V Cruiser because it packs the power to glide down the road. This delighted customer wrote:

…If you like riding on grass, muddy and/or dirty trails, up and down big grassy hills, this e-bike is the ticket, man, it’s fun and packs the power to glide on the road too! …

The 3 best-selling products have an average of 4.9/5 stars, which indicates that the brand’s products attract a large number of customers due to their features and advanced Chinese technology.

Magicycle Customer Service

How to Contact Magicycle

The brand makes it easy to reach them for any questions or inquiries. You can get in touch with the customer service team via:

  • Customer Support Live Chat (Click the Bubble Icon on the official website)
  • Email:
  • Business:
  • Pre-Sale: +1 213 900 7090
  • After-Sale: +1 213-559-1861
  • Become A Dealer: +1 213-513-2304

In case you’re active on social media, the brand is available at:

  • Instagram: magicycle_bike
  • Facebook: Magicycle Bike
  • YouTube: Magicycle Bike

Magicycle Shipping Policy

The company only ships orders exclusively to the US Mainland and Canada. Unfortunately, the company can’t ship to FPO/APO addresses and PO boxes.

Free standard shipping is available within the US mainland with an estimated 3-5 business days, while shipping to Canada will take approximately 7-10 business days.

Magicycle Return & Refund Policy

If there are any considerations you’ve made to request a refund, the Magicycle team is happy to hear from you! You can request a refund within 15 days from the date of receipt.

All you need to do to request a refund is to ensure that the item was in good condition when it arrived and in its original packaging.

You can apply for a return by contacting the customer service team via email or phone, including your proof of purchase and the same card you used when you first purchased the e-bike to receive your return authorization.

Magicycle Warranty

To ensure customers get the best, the company is responsible for replacing any components that are deemed defective or damaged.

The warranty period starts once the customer receives the ebike and will expire immediately at the beginning of the end of the warranty period.

The company will process valid warranty claims made within 2 years of the initial purchase through the authorized brand.

If you purchase directly from the brand’s official website, all warranty claims must be made through the official brand and submitted to

To file a warranty claim, customers must include proof of purchase, photos or videos of the defective product, and the warranty request.

Before filing a warranty claim, customers are advised to contact the brand via to ascertain some simple repairs that do not require a claim.

Where To Buy Magicycle

It is easy to get Magicycle products since the brand sells them on its official website and Amazon as its marketplace. The brand also has several authorized dealers that you can track on the Dealer Map page on the brand’s official website. By tracking the authorized dealers, you can shop for products nearest to your location.


Where I can submit an ebike complaints?

To initiate questions, inquiries, or any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach the brand’s customer service through email, phone call, or live chat.

How can I receive discount code?

By visiting the brand’s official website, you’ll find tons of promotions, discounts, sale items, and numerous attractive offers. Also, you can submit to the brand’s newsletter to get the latest deals, vouchers, discount codes, and many more.

How about the tracking orders?

Visit the Track Order page provided by the brand on the official website, and enter your order number and the email you used when placing your order to view your order status, tracking information, and more.


When looking for a trusted store where you can buy electric bikes of the highest quality and guaranteed maximum protection, you should put Magicycle on your radar.

With over 11 years of experience in electric bike manufacturing, this US-based direct-to-consumer company is the place where you can shop for an electric bike for whatever your purpose is. So, which ebike is your choice?

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