Velotric Ebike Review

Buyers always say positive about Velotric Ebike. They understand that this brand prioritizes users’ comfort and safety. If we check out every product that it offers, we will be amazed at how every ebike from this brand really stands out.

Velotric Ebike Review
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This brand is the pioneer of ebike. It offers excellent style with great comfort. Its engineering is also reliable. Many experts believe that this innovation is very beneficial for users. We can also prove that we can ride this ebike comfortably.

There’s no doubt about the popularity of this brand; we can easily take a look at the number of followers on its official social media, which are about 12k followers on Facebook and 13.4k followers on Instagram.

It is not hard to find satisfied buyers who consider this ebike’s excellence in performance. Its quality is also superior. And, of course, the design is also very stylish. Every inch of the detail meets the elegance standard that high-class riders demand.

If you are curious about what this brand can give you, this Velotric Ebike Review cover all the things you must know, including an in-depth product review, manual, pricing, pros and cons, and many more. Read on!

Why Velotric Ebike?

There are lots of reasons to buy Velotric. It was specifically designed by experts who know that a comfortable bike ensures bikers’ safety and comfort. Designers of Velotric Ebike understand that ebikes need more than just useful. It should be stylish with high performance.

What’s more, Velotric Ebike is also very reliable and has a good safety standard. The best thing of all is its affordability. Velotric designers understand that simpler bike with affordable price is what riders want.

Riding ebike shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Velotric Ebike ensures users to avoid stress on their trip to the open road. The design meets the body’s ergonomics so users won’t feel tired during the long trip.

We can easily find Velotric ebike review from various popular publications like Forbes, Techradar, ZD Net, and many more. All of them provide positive reviews about all ebike series from Velotric.

Velotric Ebike Highlights

  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • 14-day trial
  • Sustainably packaged

What's On Velotric Ebike

Velotric offers four kinds of ebikes with different, excellent features. They include:

Each of those series has its own excellent features. We can choose the one that meets our needs and budget. Fortunately, all of them are still considered very affordably priced.

In this Velotric Ebike review, we specially review the two best-selling ebike that is worth your consideration before choosing the one to ride.

Velotric Ebike Discover 1 Bike High Step / Step-Thru Review

Velotric Ebike Discover 1 is the simplest, yet most comfortable ebike that we can choose. It has a premium quality that is good for commuter riding. It is affordable without taking its quality for granted. It has a very comfortable seat, a high-quality ebike tire, a removable battery, and a slim design for comfortable riding.

Velotric Ebike Discover 1 Bike High Step / Step-Thru Review
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Either the High Step series or Step-Thru series is equipped with the Shimano 7-speed that ensures nice riding at a fast pace. It has 500W Class 2 that is equipped with Throttle Assist. The hydraulic disc brakes ensure riders’ safety. The battery is UL 2271 certified with 48V and 14.4Ah. The charging time takes six hours for up to 65 miles maximum range.

The main difference between the two series is the rider’s height. A taller rider can choose High-Step Series. Yet, the size of either series is almost the same.

Velotric Ebike Nomad 1 Bike High Step / Step-Thru Review

As the name implies, Nomad 1 Bike, whether it is the High Step or Step Thru, is the best for bikers who challenge extreme roads and weather. It is equipped with a lockout-featured suspension fork. The lasting fat tires help to ensure comfortable riding on the extreme road.

Velotric Ebike Nomad 1 Bike High Step / Step-Thru Review
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Don’t worry about the seat. It is very comfortable as it is made of excellent quality foam and leather. The Shimano 8-Speed contributes to the sturdiness of this bike. Meanwhile, this product is also proud of its 750 w rear hub motor.

Every purchase of Nomad 1 bike has a 1-year warranty that ensures riding with peace of mind. Buyers can get the ordered ebike to ship directly to their addresses. The eco-friendly packaging is another plus because all the packaging materials are made of recyclable materials. Buyers also get a 14-Day trial.

Velotric Ebike Manual

We will get Velotric Ebike manual that we can check on its official website. There are some tips, such as maintenance checklists, assembling every series of Velotric Ebike, troubleshooting problems, and many more. So, we don’t have to find difficulties when we use this excellent ebike.

Velotric Ebike Manual
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Velotric Ebike Pros & Cons

Are there any pros and cons of Veloctric Ebike?

Veloctric Ebike Pros

  • The design is appealing. It is slim yet sturdy. The choices of colors are very attractive with an adorable frame design.
  • The three-pedal assist feature makes this ebike even more comfortable. Riding on the harsh road is not a big problem.
  • The price is very affordable yet its overall features are highly reliable
  • The upright geometry ensures comfort, particularly with the fast-paced rolling tires.
  • It has integrated lights for better visibility for users and others.
  • Frequent discounts and promotions
  • Fat tires of Nomad series are very special because they can ensure safety for long-trip journeys on all kinds of roads and weather.

Veloctric Ebike Cons

  • Limited dealer availability

Is Velotric Ebike Worth It?

Definitely, this ebike is worth everyone’s money! The attractive design makes riders proud of using it. Besides, every series of Velotric ebike has excellent features that meet the demand of every rider. So, never doubt to own all series for everyone in the family!

Besides options for ebike series, we can also buy accessories that ensure ebike’s safety. Accessories include a brake pad, helmet, handlebar grips, front rack, folding lock, and many more. Every purchase of Velotric Ebike will get a front rack and a rear rack.

Velotric Ebike Customer Reviews

What Do Customer Think?

To complete our discussion about Velotric Ebike, this section will show you what customers think about this bike. We get all of the reviews from the brand’s official site, which is approved to be verified buyers.

Velotric Ebike Customer Reviews
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The first comment is for Velotric Discover 1, which gets 4.8 stars from 459 reviews. One of the reviewers states:

I bought a pair of bikes for my wife and me. Assembly was quick and easy, and the bikes are made of quality parts, with attention to fit and finish. Most importantly, they are easy-to-ride and have great battery life. 100% satisfied with our purchase and highly recommended!

This happy customer loves how quick and easy the ebike is. Moreover, the high-quality parts give another point plus about the ebike.

Another customer commented about the sturdiness of the ebike he received. He said:

This is my first ebike and I am really impressed with everything about it, the handling and feel, the sturdiness, the ease of assembly and quality of every part. I am feeling very good about this choice.

Basically, Velotric Ebike puts customer satisfaction at the top of their consideration. Thus, we think there’s no reason to hesitate to buy this ebike.

How To Contact Velotric Ebike

Velotric Ebike Customer Service

Getting in touch with the brand’s customer support team is as easy as pie. Whether you get a problem due to your bikes or anything that isn’t clear enough, all you can do is reach out through one of these ways:

The team will respond during business hours which are Monday – Friday from 7 am – 6 pm PST. Oh, for wholesale and distribution, leave them an email at

Where To Buy Velotric Ebike

The safest place to get your dreamed Velotric Ebike is in its official store. Yups, the sitewide sale is waiting to give the best price in getting your electric bike.

Not only that, the 1-year warranty, free shipping, and 14-day trial are the other reasons that worth your consideration.


The following are frequently asked questions about the Velotric Ebike that might feed your curiosity.

What is the top speed of Velotric nomad 1?

Since the motor is different on each Velotric ebike series, the speed varies. For the Velotric Nomad 1, it states that it has a 20 mph top speed which you can use both pedal assistance and a throttle.

How much does a Velotric ebike weigh?

For some reason, an electric bike is twice as heavy as a traditional bike. And, the Velotric ebike has around 30 – 80 pounds on average.


Veloctric ebike understands that riders want more than just a comfortable ebike with good safety standards. They need stylish ebike with excellent performance that is still affordable for them. We can count on Veloctric ebike to accompany us, whether it is for working, going to school, or even adventurous activities.

Buying Velotric ebike is the best decision that we make because this is a good investment for our health and comfort.

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