Wheel Pros Reviews

Giving your car some aftermarket components will increase its appeal and aesthetics. One of the easiest ways to do this is by purchasing a nice set of wheels. If you’re looking for a reliable company to buy a new set of wheels from, Wheel Pros is the answer!

Wheel Pros Reviews
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Wheel Pros is a company that relentlessly designs new wheels, tires, and suspension products for all types of vehicles. Founded in 1995 by Randy White, the company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, United States.

In 1996, the company opened its first two distribution centres in Denver and Dallas, allowing it company to lead the wheel industry from the racetrack to the dirt.

Due to its perseverance, the brand has received high ratings from many clients. As seen on social media, nearly 15k followers follow them on Facebook and 4k on Instagram.

With such a massive follower, are the brand’s products worth buying? This Wheel Pros review thoroughly reviews the site to present more factual data. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Shop at Wheel Pros?

Why choose this brand? First, of foremost, it has been leading the world of the wheel industry since 1996. The brand continues to serve the automotive enthusiast industry with a wide selection of car wheels and tires.

Why Shop at Wheel Pros?
Image credit: facebook.com/wheelprosusa
facebook.com/wheelprosusa https://facebook.com/wheelprosusa

In addition, the brand has expanded its global network of distribution centres covering North America, Australia, and Europe. They continue the innovation to create high-quality automotive products.

Today, the company serves more than 13,500 retailers and has a growing e-commerce presence to give consumers access to their desired products.

Moreover, they continue to be committed to being a leading designer, manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of branded aftermarket performance tires and accessories.

While focusing on delivering a wide range of automotive aftermarket components, the brand is also committed to environmental responsibility. They believe sustainability is essential the part for the planet.

Furthermore, the brand dedicates its mission to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance practices. With this dedication, they can serve the customers, employees, and communities better.

It can be seen in the brand’s commitment to transparency, continuous improvement, customer focus, diversity and inclusion, legal compliance, environmental protection, innovation, and teamwork.

Each company’s production process is guided by the brand’s commitment to the UN Global Compact and ISO Certification to ensure sustainable practices across facilities.

In addition, the brand is committed to making decisions that will protect the planet and ensure a safe environment for all.

The sustainability that the brand implements are not only about the environment but also the brand’s ability to endure over time. Thus, its quality products can be used for a long time.

What's On Wheel Pros Review

Wheel Pros will fulfill your needs regarding the high-quality set of wheels, additional accessory devices, and suspensions for cars, trucks, SUVs other vehicles. This is a list of product categories that the brand provides:

What's On Wheel Pros Review
Image credit: facebook.com/wheelprosusa
facebook.com/wheelprosusa https://facebook.com/wheelprosusa

Wheel Pros Review: The Company’s Products

  • Wheels
  • Powersports
  • Tires
  • Suspension
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

Explore the brand

  • American Force
  • American Racing
  • Asanti
  • Black Rhino
  • DUB
  • EFX Tires
  • Fuel Off-Road
  • Fuel UTV
  • Kinesis
  • KMC Wheels
  • Motegi Racing
  • Moto Metal
  • MSA Offroad
  • Niche Road Wheels, etc

Wheel Pros Rims Review

Occupying the number one bestseller position, the Black Rhino Arsenal offers a unique and impressive wheel design for your truck or SUV. These rims will take wheel play to a new level.

Wheel Pros Rims Review
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In addition, these Black Rhino Arsenal Rims are made from durable cast aluminum, with a stunning matte black finish and matching hardware along the face of the wheel. Moreover, these Arsenal wheels have a noiseless surface design, giving them a military-style look.

Available in various patterns, sizes, and bolt offsets, you will find the proper fit for your vehicle’s taste! To get this Black Rhino Arsenal rim, you can grab it starting at $270.00/rim.

Wheel Pros Wheels Review

Military-inspired, the KMC Wheels Impact UTV has a dead-end look and has a slight offset to showcase the deep dish lip you can find on the Sprinter while staying within the fender.

Wheel Pros Wheels Review
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facebook.com/wheelprosusa https://facebook.com/wheelprosusa

These wheels are designed to maneuver through any sandy terrain, with precision and ease took into account. These wheels are built with Impact’s multi-spoke design to offer exceptional ventilation and debris egress.

Upgrade your UTV’s performance with these KMC Wheels Impact UTVs and experience performance to the most granular level! Oh, and you can get them starting at $201.00/wheel!

Wheel Pros Fuels Review

Amplify your driving attitude with Fuel Rebar Wheels. Whether you want to update your Jeep Wrangler or beef up your Ford, the ultra-modern layered mesh design on the wheel is the style upgrade you’re looking for.

Wheel Pros Fuels Review
Image credit: facebook.com/wheelprosusa
facebook.com/wheelprosusa https://facebook.com/wheelprosusa

This wheel is designed to deliver an ultra-modern revolution for any ride. In addition, this stunning monoblock wheel is perfect for someone looking for power, performance, and style.

This wheel has the appearance of a very rigid and technically perfect construction. Furthermore, the wheel is designed to deliver exceptional operability on both roads and trails. You can get this Fuel Rebar Wheel for a more performance riding attitude for $425.00.

Wheel Pros Price

How Much Wheel Pros Cost?

Getting high-quality car wheels and tires certainly doesn’t come cheap, especially since the company only stocks branded ones. So in terms of price, the brand’s product collection does not come at an affordable price.

To shop in this brand, you can expect to spend between $200-$500, depending on your size, pattern, and design.

Moreover, on the brand’s social media accounts, we found they offer discounts of up to 20% off or more on several events. So, you can still shop at a price that won’t break the bank by taking advantage of the brand’s direct discounts.

Wheel Pros Hoonigan

Hoonigan is a new-generation automotive lifestyle brand with a large and passionate fan base, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Long Beach, California.

Not only is Hoonigan a leading automotive lifestyle brand, but it also sells a variety of parts and merchandise both online and through specialty retailers and has built a global community.

Due to its excellent reputation in building a global automotive community, the brand proudly announces Hoonigan as a partner with WheelPros.

Over the years, the brand has provided a platform for diverse automotive enthusiasts to express themselves.

Hoonigan’s CEO said he is excited to partner with the brand and create a broader platform to fully attract and enable passionate consumers to embrace their automotive lifestyle.

Backed by good cooperation with Hoonigan, the brand is dedicated to serving its vendor team, employees, and enthusiast community by providing top-notch products through its lineup of well-known brands and quality services.

Wheel Pros Pros & Cons

Of course, every product has strengths and weaknesses, and Wheel Pros are no exception. In this section, we have listed the pros & cons of the brand in the following points, namely:

Wheel Pros Pros

  • Wide product selection
  • Collaboration with renowned brands
  • Large selection of sizes, finishes, etc

Wheel Pros Cons

  • No genuine customer reviews on the site
  • It doesn’t ship internationally yet
  • No provision for free shipping

Is Wheel Pros Worth To Buy?

To enhance the car’s performance, appeal, and looks, the brand’s collection of tires, wheels, and accessories will take the wheel game to a new level, and it’s well worth getting your hands on.

Is Wheel Pros Worth To Buy?
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facebook.com/wheelprosusa https://facebook.com/wheelprosusa

The brand engineers the design of its products for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio to make wheels lighter and fuel consumption more efficient.

In addition, its flow-forming technology works to change the molecular structure and increase the strength of the outer rim alloy, resulting in a much lighter wheel weight, dramatically reducing rotational mass, and improving vehicle performance.

Wheel Pros Customer Service

How To Contact Wheel Pros

As the brand does not sell its products directly to the public, the best way is to contact one of the resellers if you have any product-related questions. You can reach them through:

  • Phone number
    • Dealer inquiries: 1-800-959-1969
    • Europe Branches: +44 1376-42805
    • Australia Branches: +61 617-3151-4200
  • Form
    Submit a form through the official website
  • Live chat
    Click on “Support” in the bottom corner of the official website.

Wheel Pros Shipping Policy

Due to the company operating on a dealer model, the brand distributes to a network of certified dealers, who then provide the product to you.

So, to receive an estimated delivery of your chosen wheels, you must contact the brand’s dealers. Likewise, if you have any questions about the ordering process, contact one of the local dealers by entering your zip code or address into the dealer finder.

Your chosen dealer will provide all applicable information about shipping costs from the brand to them and then from them to you. A handy brand dealer finder can be found here.

Wheel Pros Return & Refund Policy

The brand puts customer satisfaction first. Hence, if you don’t like the brand’s products for any reason, you can return the items within 30 days of delivery with the terms & conditions you must comply with.

However, if you experience things you cannot control, such as damaged items in transit, do not hesitate to contact customer service immediately by showing photographic evidence. Also, if the brand sends the wrong item, it will be exchanged for the object stated on order.

Where To Buy Wheel Pros

Since the brand does not sell its products directly to the public, you should contact your nearest dealer if you want to check the stock or make a purchase. You can do this by visiting the brand’s official website and the Dealer page.

Also, if you create an account on Dealerline, you can process payments faster, save multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account, and more!


As customers look for Wheel Pros reviews on search engines, they usually have the following questions to reach a smart buying experience. Let’s take a look!

Who is the owner of wheel pros?

The wheel pros is owned by Randy White.

How many locations does wheel pros have?

Currently, the brand has at least 50 dealers spread across the US, with warehouse locations in Denver, Colorado, United States.

Where are Wheel Pros made?

All of the brand’s products are made in the United States, and are then distributed to several other dealers.

Which dealer is closest to Clearlake?

On the official website, we found Venezuela’s Performance is the closest to Clearlake. It has a distance of approximately 3 miles away. To confirm the accurate location, you can directly visit this page.

Which dealer is closest to farmidgale ny?

Fortunately, we found a few! They are scattered to several locations with varying distances. For whatever distance you’re looking for, you can find it right here.


Finding a set of tires and tires that can improve your car’s handling and ride while helping you stay safe is a big task. Fortunately, Wheel Pros is the right stop for you, as they are a company that provides new wheels, tires, and suspension products for all types of vehicles.

Here, all products are precision-engineered and forged with passion, resulting in a quality product that is second to none. Built for the best by the industry’s best, this brand is ready to deliver the best tires & tires to your home! The above review has explained everything, so now it’s time for you to choose!

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