Guardian Bikes Reviews

Do you remember the appearance of the world’s safest kid’s bicycles in Shark Tank episode 823? This episode is pretty phenomenal that takes the bike industry by storm.

Guardian Bikes Reviews
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Kickstarted in 2015, Guardian Bikes was founded by Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen in Irvine, California. They discovered that over 200K of children have to visit ER due to bike accidents every year.

From there, they were inspired to enhance bike safety with the one-of-a-kind bicycle. Then, after its appearance in Shark Tank in 2017, this company thrived significantly. Now, it has its own factory in Seymour, Indiana, and headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Not stopping there, it has also been featured in Forbes, Mark Cuban, USA Today, WDRB, and many more. On top of that, it has served 100,000+ happy kids, with 28.7K followers on Instagram and 11K on Facebook.

However, is this brand truly genuine for your kid’s biking safety? Let’s figure it out in our Guardian Bikes review, where you can find the information from testimonials to pricing. Hence, explore further!

Why Guardian Bikes?

First and foremost, the reason why Guardian Bikes is worth considering is the safety it offers. Its bike features the SureStop brake system, giving the kid more control and confidence. Consequently, learning to bike has become easier and safer.

In addition, the RideSizer allows you to quickly find a bike size with the best fit for your kid. The lightweight structure allows the kids to carry or ride it easily. The thousands of sales and reviews have also already proven its quality.

Regarding customer service, it’s top-notch with a responsive and friendly team. All products also come with a 1-year warranty and 365 days return policy. Furthermore, free shipping is also available for an additional bike when you purchase multiple items.

What's On Guardian Bikes

At first, this company only offered the patented SureStop brake system, but it took the next step to offer a collection of kids’ bikes. Every bike is designed with safety and comfort in mind.

It’s very lightweight and easy to control, so the kids will find it easy to learn. Additionally, it has bicycles from age ranges of 1.5 to 14 years.┬áNow let’s take a look at the products collection below:

  • Bikes: Balance, 16 Inch, 20 Inch Small, 20 Inch Large, 24 Inch, 26 Inch
  • Accessories: Bells, Helmets, Accessories, Spare Parts

But how about the quality? So let’s learn more about its products in the next Guardian Bikes review section, where we dig deeper into the quality!

Guardian Bikes Balance Bike Review

Balance Bike

Just start to learn biking? Then consider this Balance Bike with confidence-inspiring first bike design for ages 1.5 – 4 years. This bike will help your kid learn the basics of riding a bike, like balancing, braking, and steering.

Guardian Bikes Balance Bike Review
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Absolutely it features the award-winning SureStop brake system for safety. Moreover, the ultra-lightweight frame and premium components will help your toddlers or kids enjoy the two weeks adventure.

For better balance and control, the wide wheelbase is specially chosen for this design. Plus, the typical overturning of the handlebar accident also can be prevented thanks to the steering limiter.

Meanwhile, the quick-release adjustable seat allows you to adjust the seating based on the kid’s growth. Don’t worry about using it for only a short time. But, if your kid knows the basics of biking, you can choose the bigger size 16 Inch Bike.

Balance Bike Details

  • Age: 1.5-4 years
  • Weight: 8.5lbs
  • Seat: 12.5 – 16 inches
  • Child Height: 33 – 40 inches

It’s also available in three stunning color options, from versatile Grey Electric Lime to beautiful Mint Purple. Thus, lets your little one learn how to pedal with this bike at $149. Check the availability now before returning to the original price of $199!

10.0 10/10
8.0 8/10
10.0 10/10

Guardian Bikes 24 Inch Bike Review

Ethos 24 Inch Bike

The Guardian Bikes Ethos Bike 24 Inch is a bike for 7 – 11 years kids who are ready for any adventure. It features a lightweight steel frame that is extremely easy to balance and control. Plus, the clear polished coat ensures a lustrous shine.

Guardian Bikes 24 Inch Bike Review
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The robust design is ready to scour any terrain, whether on or off-road. The hybrid bike tires also ensure you can bike on smooth and easy trail riding.

Like other items, it is also equipped with a single-lever SureStop Brake System. But what makes it different is the 7-speed easy-to-twist gear shifter. Furthermore, the adjustable seat, geometry, and part ensure the best comfort for kids proportion.

Ethos Bike 24 Inch Details

  • Age: 7-11 years
  • Weight: 25.5lbs
  • Seat: 25 – 33 inches
  • Child Height: 49 – 59 inches

Available in 5 color options, choose your favorite from cool BlackRed to enchanting PurpleAqua. Be ready to have the most incredible bikes on the block at $429. Psst, this ethos bike is currently on sale for $339!

8.0 8/10
10.0 10/10
8.0 8/10

Guardian Bikes Training Wheels Reviews

Training Wheels

Letting your little one try riding a bike is a huge concern for you. You want to let them learn and explore. On the other hand, you’re extremely worried about their safety. So to maximize the safety in their first bike, try this Training Wheels!

Guardian Bikes Training Wheels Reviews
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These training wheels are designed for your kid to learn how to bike and balance. Besides, these extra wheels won’t let them fall sideways. So, it makes it easier when learning and maximum safety.

The Guardian ethos bike training wheels are applicable for Guardian 16″ and 20″ Small Bikes. Remember, it can be used for riders up to 100 lbs. Thus, it is still ideal for kids up to 8 years old.

This product is the ideal choice to ensure peace of mind while learning how to ride a bike quickly and easily. To get this pair of training wheels, purchase it for $39. Have a safe bike!

Guardian Bikes Price

This brand offers discounts on most of its products, making it the best deal. Contemplating the price range, we can see that having a quality and safe bike for toddlers and teens is quite affordable.

For the Guardian bikes, the prices range from $149-$549. At the same time, the accessories cost $8-$69. The lowest being spare parts and the highest being Giro Scamp Helmet and Giro Hale Helmet.

But, to maximize your satisfaction with the lowest price, you can harness some savings. Below are several perks that you should apply in the first purchase:

  • Free shipping for the second item
  • Receive a $20 credit by referring a friend
  • Check the All Collection since most of the bikes on sale
  • Join the email list to obtain special discount codes, and future offers notification

Guardian Bikes Vs Woom

When trying to find the safest bike for your kids, you may also meet Woom and other similar brands. So to help you compare and make a decision, consider the Guardian Bikes Vs Woom below:

Guardian Bikes


  • Cost at $249
  • Compatible with training wheels
  • Smoother shift
  • 7-speed
  • Robust SureStop brake system
  • Durable aluminum frames
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cost at $399
  • Training wheels incompatible with all sizes
  • Ordinary Shift
  • 8-speed
  • Independently operated brakes
  • Lighter, durable aluminum frames
  • 10-year warranty

Guardian Bikes Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

As a remarkable brand in the industry, this brand successfully obtains enormous customer testimonials. So, it’d be easy to find any weakness and strength of it. Before that, take a look at the rating and review data below:

Guardian Bikes Customer Reviews
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  • 24 Inch Bike obtained a 4.9/5 average rating based on 958 reviews
  • 16 Inch Bike received a 4.9/5 average rating from 698 reviews
  • 20 Inch Small Bike got a 4.9/5 rating from 593 reviews

In total, this brand has a 4.9 out of 5 average rating based on 3,062 reviews on the website. Next, let’s see the Guardian Bikes reviews from customers below:

… It rides smoothly and comfortably, is very light-easy for a toddler to move and carry, and looks very nice, like a “big kid bike.” I also particularly like the variety of color options available… The buying process was easy. The shipment was very fast once it was actually delivered…

Although nearly all reviews are highly rated and positive, we exceptionally choose one complaint review. Here is the Guardian 16 bike review that contains the criticism:

All in all, it was very good, and the bike was very nice. The only complaint I have is that the Technician does not make sure the wheels are not running before you get the product. So, I need to adjust the front and rear brakes… At this price, the bike should be well-adjusted when received as advertised.

Like the feedback above, nearly all the testimonials were satisfied with the products. It has an outstanding performance with top-notch safety. Besides, it’s very light. But the only downside is that most customers state how the products arrived untuned.

Are Guardian Bikes Worth It?

If you plan to let your kid learn to bike safely, Guardian Bikes is definitely worth considering. It has bikes tailored for the kid’s safety in various sizes depending on the kid’s size. The main feature is the SureStop Brake System for next-level safety.

Are Guardian Bikes Worth It?
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Additionally, it uses a lightweight and durable frame that makes the kid easier to control. Besides, it also features others that allow your kids to enjoy biking safely and the easiest way to maneuver. Overall, you’ll love its top-notch safety, super lightweight frame, easiest maneuver, and highly adjustable design.

Guardian Bikes Pros And Cons

If you haven’t made up your mind about whether to purchase or not, you can take your time. Below are the pros and cons to help you review all of this brand quality:


  • The best safety features
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Robust braking system
  • Highly adjustable for the kid’s growth
  • Durable and light frame
  • Free shipping on the second item
  • 365 days return policy
  • 1-year warranty
  • Highly positive customer reviews


  • The bikes haven’t adjusted when it arrives.

Guardian Bikes Customer Service

How To Contact

Need more information that you can’t find in our Guardian Bikes review? Feel free to contact its customer service available from Mon to Sun via:

Headquarters Address

407 Radam E Ln Bldg
Austin, Texas 78745
United States

Where To Buy Guardian Bikes

Stop looking for the nearest bike shop! With its official store at, you can get a hassle-free purchase. The bikes will be sent straight to your door conveniently. Besides, its collection is also available on Amazon!


Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for Guardian Bikes review, most people also question several inquiries below.

Are Guardian bikes made in USA?

Many people question, “Where are Guardian Bikes made?” The company states it is made in the USA in the Seymour, Indiana factory.

Was Guardian Bikes on Shark Tank?

It appeared on Shark Tank in 2017 with a landing deal with Mark Cuban.

What happened to Guardian Bikes after Shark Tank?

Although its deals with Mark have closed, the company successfully met its goals. Now they have their factory in the USA.

How to do the Guardian Bikes assembly?

The assembly of Guardian Bike is pretty easy since you only need to attach some parts. It only needs around 10 minutes to be fully assembled. But if you still can’t figure out how to set up the bikes, visit the Assembly page. Find an easy to follows instructions based on your bike models.

How much the Guardian Bikes net worth?

This year, various sources state that its net worth is around $3.34 million to $5 million.

Is the any Guardian Bikes for adult?

Unfortunately, this brand currently offers bikes for kids up to 40 years. However, if your body fits the spec of the bike, then it’s fine for you to use it. Moreover, the patented SureStop braking system can be used in adult bikes.


Our Guardian Bikes review has pointed out several factors that you should note about this brand. So we think that this brand can be the best option if you’re looking for the safest kids’ bike. Besides, it has some features to make it easy to control.

Becoming one of the most reviewed kid’s bike brands in the market, there’s no way its quality isn’t good. So, let your kids learn how to pedal safely and easily with quality Guardian Bikes!

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