Riders Share Review

Whether you want to rent a motorcycle or create your listing to make money, Riders Share is the motorcycle-sharing marketplace for you!

Riders Share Review
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It is the first and largest peer-to-peer motorcycle rental community in the United States, based in Austin, Texas. The brand has achieved over 30,000 successful rides and connects riders with motorcycle owners every day.

Founded in 2018 by Guillermo Cornejo in Los Angeles, California. And in 2020, the brand moved its headquarters to Austin, Texas. It connects riders and owners to create a better alternative to motorcycle rentals.

At Riders Share, you can find the country’s largest selection of bikes for rent. Not to mention, motorcyclists can find absolute motorcycle rentals at the lowest prices in over 2,000 locations.

Over time, in 2021, the brand had a community of 80,000 registered users, and more than 15,000 members rented their bikes on the platform.

The brand carries a large selection of motorcycles, including brands like BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, Suzuki, Can-Am, and many more.

As one of the most popular motorcycle rentals, this brand is also favored by the public for its services. Evidently, the brand has an average number of 10k+ followers on Facebook and Instagram.

This Riders Share review will further go into greater depth and detail regarding what this brand offers, how this brand works, what customers think, and so forth. So, please bear with us to learn more about the brand!

Why Riders Share Motorcycle Rental?

Riders Share Motorcycle has a best-in-class insurance policy for motorcycle sharing. Riders Share also works to build a safe and friendly community of bikers.

Why Riders Share Motorcycle Rental?
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facebook.com/ridersshare https://facebook.com/ridersshare

Moreover, the brand uses advanced data to vet riders and ensure only the safest booking of your motorcycle.

Not only that, but the brand also helps you earn money. Riders Share’s mission is to support the motorcycle community by making access to motorcycles more affordable, either through additional income or by helping more than 20 million former riders in the United States get back on a motorcycle through rentals.

To fulfill that mission, everyone on the brand team is a motorcyclist just like you. As a result, when you use Riders Share, you get more than just a superior experience!

Riders Share Motorcycle Rental Features

  • Create profiles for both owners and riders.
  • Best-in-class insurance.
  • Safety checks & policies.
  • Flexible cancellation policy.

Before you’re ready to ride with Riders Share, it’s worth continuing to the next section to discover what the brand offers you.

What's On Riders Share Motorcycle Rental?

Riders Share Motorcycle provides a complete collection of bikes for rent at prices that fit your budget. Here, you can rent motorcycles of several brands, such as Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda, Triumph, Ducati, Suzuki, Polaris, and Can-Am.

What's On Riders Share Motorcycle Rental?
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facebook.com/ridersshare https://facebook.com/ridersshare

Moreover, the brand has the largest inventory of motorcycle rentals available in the U.S., with regions including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, Washington, Miami, and many more.

The brand’s platform allows riders to book any bike they want online, from low-capacity stock bikes to high-end customized rides. All while avoiding the laborious process that is traditional rentals.

Not only that, but here you can also list your vehicle on brand. Thus, you can let your motorcycle pay for itself!

Riders Share Highlights

  • How riders share works
  • How to make money with riders share
  • Riders share pricing
  • Riders Share App review
  • Riders Share Insurance

Are you ready for your first riding experience? If so, scroll to the next section to get started!

How Riders Share Works

The brand divides its services into Rent and List. In short, Rent is you renting the motorcycle for your trip, while List is you listing your motorcycle for rent to bikers.

Riders Share Rent

  • Find your rental location
    Here, you can browse by location, then filter by brand, type, delivery, and more.
  • Book your trip
    Once you’ve found your rental location, you can specify your dates, equipment and delivery options, and insurance.
  • Meet the owner
    Next, grab your ride keys, do a quick inspection, and ask any questions.
  • Go for a drive!
    This is your time to enjoy your ride. So stay safe, and enjoy the wind!
  • Return your rental
    When you’re done with your ride, bring the motorcycle back to the registered location, do another quick inspection, and hand over the keys.

Riders Share List

  • Register your motorcycle
    Enter your details, and the brand team will do the rest.
  • Approving Rentals
    The company ensures that every renter is safe, responsible, and licensed.
  • Meet the renter
    Start to make an impression on your customer, exchange keys, and answer any questions.
  • Accept returns
    Do a quick inspection, take back your keys, and give your tenant a review.
  • Get your money
    Riders Share will deposit your funds within 5 business days. So, get ready for your next rental!

How to Make Money with Riders Share

Riders Share makes it easy for you to earn money. Here, you can sign up as a renter and refer a friend.


This brand makes it easy for you to earn money as a renter. Just sign up, rent it out, and get the money. To sign up as a renter, you can visit the brand’s official website and go to the How It Works page, fill in your details, and the staff will do the rest.

Refer a Friend

The second way is by referring new renters to join Riders Share. The brand will pay you $25 every time you refer a new renter and after they complete their first trip. Moreover, if you refer a new owner, the brand will pay you $100 after they complete their first booking.

Riders Share Pricing

Depending on the type of motorcycle and the number of days you choose, these brands offer different prices.

Before renting, you can choose the type of motorcycle for your trips, such as Sport, Cruiser, Sport Touring, Supermoto, Standard, Scooter, Dual Sport, Touring, and others.

This Riders Share review then tried to rent a Touring motorcycle type with the Harley Davidson Flhrc Road King Classic brand for a trip in the Honolulu, HI area for 2 days. As a result, we got a rental price of $57.80 per day + fees.

Furthermore, you can visit the brand’s website to estimate your rental cost, as the brand displays transparently. It also has a very easy-to-understand interface, just as you would checkout an order on a marketplace site.

Riders Share App Review

Not wanting your relationship to stop at renter and owner, the brand wants to make your experience well-connected with the IdeasMotors App.

IdeasMotors is a mobile app created for motorcyclists and has been downloaded and followed by over 60,000 motorcycle events worldwide.

This app allows you to follow various fun motorcycle activities and plan trips with friends. Besides, you can use this IdeasMotors app to choose a route while riding or planning. So, users can search for events by date and location.

The IdeasMotors app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

Riders Share Insurance

Luckily, Riders Share provides insurance for both the renter and the motorcycle owner. The terms are as follows:


This renter’s insurance covers your rights and obligations as a renter. This insurance program provides insurance coverage for renters and eligible vehicles under the company’s terms of service. The liability provided complies with California Bill AB-1871 on private vehicle sharing.


For owners, the insurance addresses damage/theft protection limits, general liability coverage, and mechanical breakdown coverage. The renter’s financial responsibility is for any damage, injury, or loss during your rental.

For more detailed terms & conditions regarding insurance, you can visit the brand’s official website on the insurance page to find out more details and details regarding points described.

Is Riders Share Legit?

Established in 2018, the brand has been recognized as a peer-to-peer motorcycle-sharing community based in Austin, Texas. The company is registered as a legitimate, legally grounded brand and has terms & conditions under California legal statutes.

Is Riders Share Legit?
Image credit: facebook.com/ridersshare
facebook.com/ridersshare https://facebook.com/ridersshare

In addition, the brand has been featured in several major press media such as Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Motorcyclist, Techweek, Crunchbase, and many more. Thus, with all these brand achievements, this Riders Share review is confident to say that Riders Share is legit.

Riders Share Customer Reviews

Riders Share lists customer reviews transparently on their official website. The brand has an average review of ★4.9/5 out of 23,800+ reviews.

Riders Share Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/ridersshare
facebook.com/ridersshare https://facebook.com/ridersshare

This Riders Share reviews go through the brand’s official website to showcase customers’ opinions regarding the brand’s services.

One satisfied customer noted that the motorcycle is comfortable and fun to ride. This satisfied customer said:

This bike is super comfortable and fun to ride. Took it to Ocean city and back same day. Had a blast. Amanda was very polite and helpful.

Furthermore, one of the customers who liked this brand said this brand has great communicators. This happy customer said:

Great bike! Andre is a terrific communicator, honest, and easy to work with. I’ll def rent from him again!

From those customer reviews, these Riders Share reviews conclude that the brand provides good quality and comfortable motorcycles, as well as flexible cancellations & communicative members so that customers feel satisfied with the brand’s services.

Riders Share Pros & Cons

Before you are interested in renting a motorcycle, you will certainly consider the pros & cons as a whole. Thus, this Riders Share review compiled the pros & cons of the brand into the bullet points below.

Riders Share Pros

  • Popular motorcycle brands offer.
  • Provides over 25,000+ motorcycles listed.
  • Great prices, flexible cancellations, and fast license verifications.
  • Protection options, 24/7 roadside assistance, $300K liability coverage.
  • Featured on several famous press media.
  • Available in over 2,000 locations.
  • Easy to join the community by using the Apps.

Riders Share Cons

As per we write this Riders Share review, we can’t find any negative comments about this brand.

Is Riders Share Worth It?

With its ease of rental, a large selection of motorcycles, and wide range of locations, this Riders Share reviews agree that Riders Share is worth it.

In addition, the brand also provides outstanding service, in line with the excellent customer reviews about the brand. So whether you are looking to rent a motorcycle for the first time or rent out your motorcycle, this brand has you covered!

Riders Share Customer Service

How to contact Riders Share

If you have questions about what this brand offers, you can contact the customer service team through one of these ways:

The team will only respond to the phone call at 9-6 CDT on weekdays and 10-5 CDT on weekends.

Basically, there is a Help section that you can visit to look for the answer to your issues, as the brand team has provided some articles that might help you.


Rent a motorcycle or list your own to make money, Riders Share is a motorcycle-sharing marketplace. The brand will bring your riding journey to life since the brand offers the largest selection of motorcycles across 2,000 locations.

Even better, the brand strives to ensure only the safest booking for the customers and provides a best-in-class insurance policy. So for whatever your riding needs are, Riders Share is the best termination!

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