Motor Supply Co Review

Motor Supply Co provides a world-class e-commerce marketplace that helps customers save money on quality products.

Motor Supply Co Review
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MotorSupplyCo was founded in 2021 by John Wiesehan III with the vision of building a business to make money as well as provide excellent service to customers.

Their mission is to provide the automotive aftermarket with the best prices, products, and services through world-class technology.

Likewise, the brand helps independent store owners to sell products at wholesale prices, making the products purchased in bulk at once.

Therefore, customers will benefit as they can shop in groups to save money while still getting high-quality products.

Customers have trusted the brand to be their store partner. In addition, the brand partners with reputable brands such as Castrol, Trico, Bosch, Sherwin Williams, and others. And until now, MotorSupplyCo members have saved more than $200,000 toward $10 million!

Unfortunately, this review did not find any information regarding the brand’s social media accounts. However, the brand is known always to maintain up-to-date information through its official website.

What are the products marketed by the brand? This Motor Supply Co review will bring you to this brand’s in-depth study before you hit the checkout button.

Why Shop at Motor Supply Co?

Motor Supply Co Inc is more than just an automotive aftermarket company. It is an online automotive store that will help you save up to 20% of your money.

Why Shop at Motor Supply Co?
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The brand presents a world-class value-added eCommerce marketplace to empower independent auto repair shops to provide quality products at wholesale prices.

The brand relies on 5 principles to provide the best service: Automate & Simplify, Motivation to Solve, Next Level Hustle, Gains Before Gaps, and Anticipate the Need.

In addition, the brand embraces a new technology platform for all its quick repair and lube stores to execute its mission as the new leader in the automotive aftermarket supply business.

Due to helping customers shop with group buying power, the brand connects orders for delivery to their specialized suppliers.

With their vision to build more than just a marketplace, it will help distributors and customers fully integrate across all supply categories to serve the automotive aftermarket industry better.

Currently, MotorSupplyCo is based in the US and ships its products to all regions in the US.

Before we know about the brand’s superior product collections, below is some information about the brand’s product list category that can guide an informed decision. Let’s take a look!

What's On Motor Supply Co

The brand offers you a complete range of industry-leading oils to meet the needs of today’s modern engines. They provide engine oils in synthetic & synthetic blend formulations for your vehicle.

What's On Motor Supply Co
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Are you frustrated with the rising cost of paint in your workshop? Or are you tired of multiple price increases every quarter?

Not to worry. This brand helps you shop big and cheap! Here, you can buy 55G drums and 5G buckets of MSC Oil in bulk.

With the support of a new technology platform, the brand makes it easy to browse the product lineup by the brand to determine which one is best suited for your car or shop.

Motor Supply Co Review: Product Category

Motor Supply Co Reputable Brand Partners

To guarantee the quality of its products to its customers, the brand works with the 3 major reputable companies; Trico, Castrol, and Sherwin Williams.

In this section, we will briefly review the advantages of each of these brands; what are they?

  • For over a hundred years, Trico has continued to innovate and deliver premium wiper blades with the utmost precision and quality to make service professionals’ jobs easier. With Trico premium wipers, you can get superior wiping action for your vehicle.
  • Castrol, who doesn’t know this brand? This brand has been recognized as a world-class manufacturer of vehicle oils, fluids, and lubricants. Castrol provides high-performance oils, lubricants, and fluids for every driver and the global automotive industry.
  • Sherwin Williams is an American company based in the paint and coatings manufacturing industry in Cleveland, Ohio. For over 150 years, the brand has brought creativity and innovation to meet the needs of the highest quality paints and coatings.

By knowing the brand’s brief profile, we know that MotorSupplyCo truly works with only the world’s best brands to ensure its customers get the highest quality products.¬†

Hence, by shopping with this brand, you are getting the best automotive products with the best deal for your vehicle!

Motor Supply Co Quick Order

Due to the brand provides a wide range of oil, DEF, Brake Fluid, and others, they make it is easy for customers to buy quickly.

On the official page, you can click the Shop menu and then Quick Shop. Next, you can enter the SKU or item name. This feature makes it easy for customers to get the product they are looking for exactly according to their choice.

Motor Supply Co Pricing

Well, with its mission to provide the automotive aftermarket with the best prices, products, and services, how much does this brand offer?

The lowest price we found was $7.68, while the most expensive was $1,476.00. However, that’s for a huge amount of oil.

These prices are certainly within reach, considering that the brand makes it easy for its customers to shop with group purchasing power.

Motor Supply Co Pros & Cons

Before you checkout your order, it’s worth considering the brand’s pros & cons to help you shop wisely. We have compiled the brand’s pros & cons into bullet points below:

Motor Supply Co Pros

  • Reputable brands¬†
  • Quality products at wholesale pricing
  • Vast selection of oil for any industry or application
  • Special negotiated prices
  • Same-day shipping throughout the U.S.
  • Receive bulk oil orders in 3 days or less

Motor Supply Co Cons

  • Not provide international shipping
  • No clear information about return & refund items

Is Motor Supply Co Worth To Buy?

After evaluating this brand, this review agrees that Motor Supply Co is totally worth it in every aspect. The brand has supporting products from well-known brands, so customers do not need to doubt the quality.

Is Motor Supply Co Worth To Buy?
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The company makes it easy for customers to shop in bulk at a low price and connect with distributors. Also, with the wide variety of products offered, customers can comfortably shop for several items at once.

Motor Supply Co Customer Service

Do you need more information about the products or want to know if the brand can legally ship to your state? Don’t worry because the brand has a customer service team that is always available.

You can contact the brand’s customer service via:

  • Fill out the blank form provided on the official website
  • Send them an email through
  • Phone call at 704-979-4090

Motor Supply Co
9311-K Monroe Rd,
Charlotte, NC 28270

Motor Supply Co Shipping Policy

The brand understands you want to get your products as soon as possible. For that reason, the brand provides same-day shipping across the US.

The brand ensures you can receive your bulk oil order in 3 days or less. Unfortunately, this review did not find any information regarding shipping costs or the brand’s methods.

If you have any shipping questions, feel free to contact the customer service team via phone or email, and they will respond as soon as possible!

Motor Supply Co Return & Refund Policy

This Motor Supply Co, unfortunately, did not find any return and refund policy information.

However, the brand will guarantee that the products they send to all customers have gone through the feasibility check stage and are only high-quality products for customer satisfaction.

What if you get a damaged or defective product? No need to worry. The brand has a customer care team to help you resolve your issue.

If you experience anything like that, you can notify the customer service team at or any other available contact person.

Where to buy Motor Supply Co

For easy group shopping, of course, you are advised to shop on the brand’s official website. This is because the brand applies its own technology to categorize bulk orders.


Does Motor Supply Co ships internationally?

They are not. Currently, this brand only ships within the US areas.

How can I track my order?

To track your order, you can contact the customer service at the contact details. The team will certainly help as soon as possible.

How can I receive discount code?

Customers can sign up for the brand membership to get the latest discount information. There, you will get an inbox with coupon codes, or some other special offers.

How do I return or exchange order?

Unfortunately, this review didn’t find any obvious information on product returns and exchanges. However, as a brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction, you can always contact customer service for any questions or concerns.

When will I get the confirmation order?

The company will provide order information as soon as possible in your inbox. Therefore, please check your inbox regularly.


One of the customer’s insecurities is shopping for engine oil at a high price. Not anymore, as Motor Supply Co helps customers shop more efficiently and economically by empowering the group’s purchasing power.

Aside from that, the brand also sells its products at wholesale prices. Thus, customers can save their budget. Also, you don’t have to worry about the low prices, as these products are high-quality products from reputable brands. So, are you ready to shop at ease with this Motor Supply Co?

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