CustoArmor Car Mats Review

CustoArmor is a brand that specializes in premium custom floor mats for all brands, with over 20,000 models.

CustoArmor Car Mats Review
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All the brand’s products are handcrafted and customized based on the customer’s options. These are customizable, designed, and stitched to make your car stickers look luxurious.

With critical attention to detail, the brand has created an incredible selection of handmade car mats to achieve maximum impact.

It’s not just about the raw materials they source or the accessories they use, but it also involves a production process designed by well-trained people to realize the brand’s vision.

If you’re asking what makes this brand different from other brands and what value the brand has created, details are the answer.

Founded in 2019 in Walnut, California, the brand has expanded its market expansion by shipping its products globally.

On the brand’s Facebook account, the brand has gained 500 followers among car mat enthusiasts. The brand strives to be active on social media to reach out to automotive lovers to wear car mats that they love.

Well, are you starting to wonder what this brand is? What are its products? This CustoArmor review will discuss this brand profile, best-selling products, and more.

So, are you ready to get to know more about the brand? Relax, and glide to the next section to start!

Why Shop at CustoArmor?

Generally, car owners pay little attention to floor mats. However, did you know that good car mats are essential for the overall cleanliness of one’s vehicle?

Why Shop at CustoArmor?
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CustoArmor offers the best option for your concern. With attention to detail and universally cut compared to other materials, brand car mats are solid and easy to clean.

The brand’s material is no different; it’s just the best. The brand gets high-quality raw materials from the most trustworthy suppliers from Germany, Italy, and Japan.

The brand’s custom mats are made of premium eco-leather (Carreau & Chevron) or carbon fiber webbing (Bande, Tisse) that is water, scratch, and fire-resistant

There is no need to worry even if the brand uses rubberized raw materials because it does not emit harmful chemical odors. In addition, it is 100% odor-free, mildew-proof, and durable.

Bring outstanding layers for ultimate comfort and functionalities; the brand’s customized mats boost the look of your car’s interior and enhance comfort thanks to 5 layers of revolutionary designs and materials.

These car mats mainly come in black, grey, and brown colors. Likewise, the brand also claims its car mat collection is durable even in sub-zero weather.

As a customer-centric company, the brand constantly strives to provide excellent customer service by anticipating what customers need and how products you may have yet to think of can be enjoyable.

There is no need to worry about the quality, as your car mat order is made, designed, and executed by trained experts, so quality is guaranteed.

With the company’s 30-day replacement or refund policy, you can shop comfortably and happily with this brand.

In the next section, this CustoArmor reviews will discuss the best products in detail so that you can consider them wisely before buying.

What's On CustoArmor Car Mats Review

At CustoArmor, you can find various types of car mats, Bande, Carreau, Chefron, and Tisse Collection, that are intended to provide maximum protection from all elements on your car.

What's On CustoArmor Car Mats Review
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These are custom-made according to your requests to fit your particular vehicle. Depending on your favorites, you can find these car mats in several colors.

CustoArmor Review Best-Selling Products:

  • CustoArmor Carreau Mats
  • CustoArmor Custom Car Mats

So, what is the quality of the brand’s products? Will it fit your car? You can find all the answers to your questions in the next section!

CustoArmor Carreau Mats Reviews

The Carreau Mats come with a classic diamond design for luxury items that elevate the interior to a new level.

CustoArmor Carreau Mats Reviews
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The company makes these car mats using eco-friendly leather that is soft to the touch and easy to maintain. The material also makes these carpets easy to clean.

The Carreau Mats became one of the brand’s best-selling products due to its ability to withstand durability tests, water retention, and lack of movement. In addition, it is easy to install and covers the entire vehicle floor.

The first thing you may like about these mats is their design with a grooved surface to keep liquids from spreading onto the floor.

As a result, it helps to effectively reduce mud and water splashing on clothes and other places while in the car. Also, its fantastic trimming fit makes this mat set suitable for any vehicle.

Although it is rubber-based, it doesn’t emit any pungent chemical odor. Also, the company makes it with basic materials from trustworthy suppliers.

Working well in protecting your car mats from dirt, these Carreau Mats are available at $199.00.

9.0 9/10
10.0 10/10
10.0 10/10

CustoArmor Custom Car Mats Reviews

Besides ordering custom for your car, car mats are also a great gift idea for the family. This brand also makes it easy for you to give gifts to your loved ones.

CustoArmor Custom Car Mats Reviews
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The Custom Car Mats collection is sophistication up a notch. Nicer than a regular car mat, it elicits more personality from its fans than any mat on the market.

The brand makes custom car mats with eco-friendly leather that is soft to the touch and easy to maintain. Not only does it leave a luxurious impression, but this car mat is also very easy to clean.

What color do you want your car mats to be? This brand has several colors to choose from Brown, Black/Silver, Black/Red, Tan, Dark Red, and Beige.

Ordering these custom car mats is quite simple. First, select the category of car mat you are aiming for, and enter the car year, car makes, and car type. 

By using these car mats, not only protects the floor but also coats the walls and surrounding areas 3-dimensionally to ensure they catch all the dirt and grime.

Make your own version of a luxury car mat, these Custom Car Mats can obtain starting from $259.00.

10.0 10/10
10.0 10/10
9.0 9/10

CustoArmor Price

The brand’s car mat collection looks luxurious, no doubt. But, after getting the in-depth details of the products, a question may arise in your mind: how much does this brand offer its products?

The price is pretty affordable for custom car mats with imported rubber material. If you want to shop for car mats from this brand, you can budget between $199.00-$269.00.

In certain seasons, the brand also likes to provide some great deals, discounts, and sales that help you save some of your money.

Furthermore, you can also subscribe to the brand’s newsletter to receive updates about attractive sales & promotions.

CustoArmor Pros & Cons

To help you consider whether this brand is worth buying, we summarize the benefits and drawbacks of the brand below. They are:

CustoArmor Pros

  • Advanced material
  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • 100% custom made
  • Scratch, Stain, and Heat resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Odor-free
  • Full coverage
  • 3D full coverage
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Many sales & promotion offers

CustoArmor Cons

  • There is no clear information regarding customer service operating hours

CustoArmor Customer Reviews

It wouldn’t be a complete review without other customers’ opinions on the brand’s products to provide credible facts. For this reason, we have included some customer reviews on the official website in this section.

CustoArmor Customer Reviews
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One customer rated the brand’s car mats perfectly because they had a snug fit and covered the entire interior perfectly. This customer wrote:

The size of the driver’s seat with the guests is perfect, and the second seat is also nice. Unfortunately, the size of the third seat is regrettable. If it can cover everything, it will be 100% perfect!

Then, one customer ordered the brand’s car mats as a gift. This customer said the coverage was perfect, and the workmanship displayed the best quality. He/She said:

Gave these to my sister, and she loves it. The coverage is impressive, the workmanship and quality are both top-notch…

Besides featuring outstanding car carpet quality, this car carpet is also very easy to install. One customer concurred with this point. This customer said:

These mats are definitely worth the wait. They are truly amazing and are luxurious. The car mats are quite easy to install. The fit is perfect. I could not have asked for anything more nor be any more pleased…

From all those few customer reviews, the brand does work wonders to deliver products with actual impacts. However, we have not found any bad reviews about this brand.

Is CustoArmor Worth To Buy?

Made with high-quality raw materials by trained experts to achieve your dream car mats, we agree that the brand is worthy in every aspect.

Is CustoArmor Worth To Buy?
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It doesn’t stop there. In fact, the brand’s car mats have a luxurious finish, adding an expensive feel to your car’s interior. Also, it is easy to remove and clean, as car mats should keep your car spotless.

By investing your car mats in this brand, you have nothing to worry about in terms of price, quality, design, and warranty.

CustoArmor Customer Service

How To Contact CustoArmor

If you need any help in the course of your purchase or have some questions, you can freely contact the brand via:

  • Email:
  • Call: 800-315-0556

You can also follow the brand’s social media to get the latest information on:

  • Instagram: custoarmor
  • Facebook: CustoArmor

280 S. Lemon Ave 2124
Walnut, CA 91788

CustoArmor Shipping Policy

The brand proudly informs you that they ship worldwide for free through GlobalEco. For this, customers must be fully responsible for import duties/taxes for international/global shipping.

International shipping generally takes 3-5 weeks to be delivered. If you want faster delivery service, please choose GlobalExp at Checkout. It has a guaranteed delivery time of 10 days after the mattress has been manufactured.

For local shipping, it generally takes 14 working days for you to receive your order. However, the delivery time may be longer depending on the high demand for the products.

If you have any questions about delivery times, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s customer service at

CustoArmor Return & Refund Policy

The brand offers a 30-day replacement or refund policy if the mat you receive does not fit or the package is damaged during transit.

Note that custom orders cannot be canceled once they have been produced and shipped.

If your returned items are received and approved by the brand, your refund will take up to 5 working days. However, the refund won’t cover the outward shipping cost or product price.

Where To Buy CustoArmor

Since this is a customer-centric company, you are advised to order the brand’s products on the official website. There, you can select products based on the carpet category, year, and car brand, so that you will not miss the details of customizing your car mats.


We strongly encourage anyone who loves car interior design customization to check out CustoArmor thoroughly! We’ve reviewed the brand in detail, and we can tell you that the brand’s car mats deliver real quality and are second to none.

The brand’s collection of mats not only protects your car floor and coats the walls and surrounding areas 3-dimensionally to ensure they catch all the dirt and grime. Investing your car mats in this brand since it not only provides protection but also a luxurious look!

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